Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Europe Is Building A Wall To Keep Migrants Out

Just a couple weeks after Europe led the way in condemning Israel for it's separation fence, the EU has decided they need a wall, and they are hiring and Israeli firm to build it. From WorldNetDaily.com:

Just one month after the U.N. and EU launched a furious campaign against Israel's security fence, culminating in the International Court of Justice ruling that the fence is illegal, the EU announced it's planning to build a separation fence of its own, and invited Israel to participate in the construction.

The fence is being built to separate recently added EU members Poland and Hungary from their new neighbors – Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The EU said the fence is necessary to "prevent the free movement of migrants seeking to enter" EU territory.

Israeli companies that specialize in the construction of fences and security systems will participate in tenders to build hundreds of miles of fences along the EU's new eastern border.
"It's incredible the EU has no problem building a fence just to keep illegal immigrants out, but when the Jewish State builds a security fence as a last resort for the purpose of keeping terrorists out and saving Israeli lives, we are blasted by them and the U.N.," a spokesman for Ariel Sharon told WorldNetDaily. "Makes you think, doesn't it?"

It doesn't make me think about anything I haven't already thought about Europe. As Daniel Pipes said when asked about Europe's fence:

"European hypocrisy is as rank as it is blatant, and the EU wall is not even for security reasons, just economic ones."

I've listened to numerous highly nuanced lectures from my European friends about how racist America is. Meanwhile, they neglect to take responsibility for the fact that just 60 years ago almost the entire continent went on a Jew-killing spree the likes of which had never been seen previously. And, of course, they lecture us on war, neglecting to remember that we had to pull them out of two world wars last century. And, of course, they lectured us on military spending and the nuclear arms race, neglecting to even try to understand the strategy that eventually brought down the Soviet Union. Also, neglecting to realize that the reason they don't need to spend much on military is because we do almost everything for them.

Now, they lecture about our "economic imperialism" in Iraq, neglecting to acknowledge that when France, Germany, and Russia say,

"No War For Oil,"

they mean "We want no war, so we can see our oil contracts with Saddam Hussein through to fruition."

So, no Mr. Spokesman-for-Ariel Sharon, that didn't really make me think, it's just part of a repeated cycle of confirmation.