Friday, December 31, 2004

Northwestern University Professor
Is A Traitor
And An Anti-Semite To Boot

Yesterday, I ran the post about the Northwester University professor who wrote an article which stated that the 9/11 highjackers were just like the Freedom Fighter's of the American Revolution. Well, an LGF reader who was apalled by his traitorous rhetoric fired off an email to the professor. Here's the email the LGF reader sent, from Little Green Footballs:

You are a disgrace to your position. How dare you state the those people killed that their people “might live, free and in dignity”? Where is your sense of justice and pride in the country that allows real freedom? You tell me what freedom and dignity the women in Afghanistan lived with! I await your reply.

I am a South African living in the US and I witnessed the transition from a one party dictatorship to a free democracy in SA and no children and civilians were slaughtered like bugs to do it. The South African people had nothing to lose yet they lived and died for freedom with real honour and dignity. There is no justifications for terrorism and by doing so, you make yourself complicit in murder. Learn from South African history that one need not use terrorist tactics to achieve goals and then educate yourself professor that one need not justify murder.

Dean Levitt

Here's the response from the Northwestern University professor:

Why is it that the only hateful mail I have received is signed by Levitt, Hoch or Freedman?