Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Ok, Someone Has Finally
Come Right Out And Said It

Ross Douthat wrote in to comment on a Michael Ledeen argument applauding America for supporting the Ukranian "Orange" Revolution. Ledeen cites this success as an example of what we can do on behalf of Democracy. Douthat doesn't agree that we can draw paralells between the Ukraine and the Middle East. His reason? Well, just hold on to your sears, cuz here it comes:

Finally, and not to get too old-fashioned-realist here, but . . . the Iranians are not "our people." Neither are the Syrians, the Saudis, the Chinese, or the North Koreans. And they do not become "our people" just by believing in democracy, or even by establishing democratic self-government. An Iranian democracy would be a good thing in countless ways -- but it would also probably be just as hell-bent as the current regime on acquiring nuclear weapons, flexing its muscles in Iraq, and perhaps even sponsoring anti-Israeli terrorism. As such, it would be our strategic rival, not our brother nation, even were its constitution copied word-for-word from ours.

Uh, wow.

I have always suspected that blind racism is the reason that so many insist that Democracy can't work in the Middle East. Douthat is, apparently, a Conservative because he writes for National Review. But, I believe that this "reasoning" is the motivation of the left as well. They've certainly proven themselves handy enough with the racist stereotypes when it comes to the Jews, so why not the A-Rabs, huh?

Hat tip: Roger Simon.