Friday, May 21, 2004

Grandma Europa Brings Out The Antique Silverware

It must be a party. Grandma Europa is breaking out the old silverware:

In a rare move, Yad Vashem on Thursday criticized an Austrian newspaper for running a caricature that compared an IDF solider to a Nazi.

In the caricature titled "Then and Now," which appeared Wednesday in the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung, a frightened Jew appears on one side of the cartoon, labeled past, as a Nazi soldier, with a swastika on his arm, bears down on him.

On the other half of the caricature, marked
present, a small, frightened Palestinian child appears, with an Israeli soldier with a Star of David on his arm bearing down on him.

"The caricature is a classic expression of the new antisemitism... which diminishes the Holocaust and distorts both today's reality as well as that of the Holocaust," a press release issued Thursday by Yad Vashem read.

Go here to see the cartoon.

Remember Grandma Europa, when you were just a young slut, servicing those big handsome German men, in their dashing grey and black uniforms, with those masuline swastikas? Weren't those the days? Why, a girl could get herself into a lot of trouble back then. But, not to worry, they were romantic times. You couldn't blame a girl for going down on her knees for the entire SS, could you?

Yeah, break out the old silverware Grandma. We'll bring back the old days, even if it's just for tonight.