Friday, June 11, 2004

Yes, We Have No WMD's

I don't know what to think of this one from DrudgeReport today. Who exactly is World Tribune anyway?

The United Nations has determined that Saddam Hussein shipped weapons of mass destruction components as well as medium-range ballistic missiles before, during and after the U.S.-led war against Iraq in 2003.

The UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission briefed the Security Council on new findings that could help trace the whereabouts of Saddam's missile and WMD program.

The briefing contained satellite photographs that demonstrated the speed with which Saddam dismantled his missile and WMD sites before and during the war. Council members were shown photographs of a ballistic missile site outside Baghdad in May 2003, and then saw a satellite image of the same location in February 2004, in which facilities had disappeared.

May 2003? Is that a typo? Wasn't Saddam already hiding out in holes by that time?

UNMOVIC acting executive chairman Demetrius Perricos told the council on June 9 that "the only controls at the borders are for the weight of the scrap metal, and to check whether there are any explosive or radioactive materials within the scrap," Middle East Newsline reported.
"It's being exported," Perricos said after the briefing. "It's being traded out. And there is a large variety of scrap metal from very new to very old, and slowly, it seems the country is depleted of metal."

We allowed the borders to be that porous? Jeez, that's almost as bad as the Mexican border. Essentially we institued a "don't ask, don't tell" policy on the border after, huh?

And we citizens of the U.S. are supposed to pay for this? Okee-dokee.

"The removal of these materials from Iraq raises concerns with regard to proliferation risks," Perricos told the council. Perricos also reported that inspectors found Iraqi WMD and missile components shipped abroad that still contained UN inspection tags.

He said the Iraqi facilities were dismantled and sent both to Europe and around the Middle East. at the rate of about 1,000 tons of metal a month. Destionations included Jordan, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The Baghdad missile site contained a range of WMD and dual-use components, UN officials said. They included missile components, reactor vessel and fermenters – the latter required for the production of chemical and biological warheads.

"It raises the question of what happened to the dual-use equipment, where is it now and what is it being used for," Ewen Buchanan, Perricos's spokesman, said. "You can make all kinds of pharmaceutical and medicinal products with a fermenter. You can also use it to breed anthrax."

Sounds like a bunch of fancypants nuancin' to me.

Oh, by the way, I would love it if the found the WMD's, but this article doesn't sound credible to me.

Of course, two of our soldiers did find a Sarin Bomb a few weeks back, when it blew up in front of them. And there has been a lot of other evidence. However, we have yet to presented with evidence of the existence of WMD's on the scale the Bush and Clinton Administrations both claimed.

Like I said, I don't know what to make of this article.

I Predict Big Things For This Book -
NY Times Best Seller
Big Movie Deal - Matt Damon Playing A Jew posted an interview this morning with Rodger Claire, author of Raid On The Sun - Inside Israel's Secret Campaign That Denied Saddam The Bomb. The book describes Israel's 1981 Air Raid on Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor, and the political maneuverings, that led up the the raid.

That sounds kind of dry doesn't it? Not the kind of story that makes an exciting Hollywood movie. So what if eight Israeli's jumped in jets 23 years ago and blew up a building by shooting missiles at it? It's like 13 Days, without the suspenseful thirteen days.

Ah, but you just wait until Israel does it again. Call me crazy, but I anticipate that sometime in the next couple of months, Israeli fighter pilots are going to jump into their jets once again, and they are going to fly into Iran and blow up another nuclear reactor.

If Israel does take out the Iranian nuclear reactor there will likely be a huge uproar of condemnation. In addition, I believe the "War On Terror" would expand. And then, people are going to become interested in the history of how Israel saved our butts back in 1981.

Hey, I could be wrong about all this, but whatever. Just a word of advice to Rodger Claire; Be careful with them Hollywood starlets. They'll promise you the moon and the stars and leave you a pathetic junky, writhing in a gutter somewhere. In Hollywood they eat writers raw, with chopsticks, like big badly dressed sushi. So, if Angelina Jolie come to you and starts batting those beautiful eyes, just ignore the breasts and the butt and the lips buddy. Summon the courage and sense of sacrifice of the Israeli fighter pilots and move on.

Anyway, brothers and sisters, there are a few interesting passages in the interview. Like this:

FP: You encountered difficulty selling the publication rights in Europe. What happened?

Claire: Every European publisher, including Britain, France, Italy, and Spain, passed on the rights to the book, having never even seen the galleys. Stunned, my agents, The Robbins Office, made inquiries and were told that European readers shied away from anything that put Israeli in a positive light. The publishers were not so much pro-Palestinian as anti-Israeli. But it is no secret that a new wave of anti-Semitism is moving through Europe, fuelled by the European Left and the huge Muslim immigrant populations. Obviously, my book became a victim of that. It is not a political book, it is an exciting, pulse-pounding military tale, revealing what incredible feats a human being can accomplish in the most impossible of circumstances, and that faith and teamwork and duty can overcome almost any obstacle – or any tyrant.

Listen to Rodger. He's working on that Hollywood pitch already. Of course, Hollywood ain't gonna fly in France.

I hope he takes it to Cannes anyway.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Appeasement Please

A Heartfelt Note of Gratitude to The Spanish For Bailing Us Out of The Iraq Quagmire

Nelson Ascher, over at Europundits made me aware that las Espanas are taking credit for the changing situation in Iraq:

Foreign Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos says that the Spanish withdrawal from Iraq was the "detonator" that caused the UN agreement. "We placed on the table the necessity of going toward a new model of political transition that will return the Iraqis' sovereignty to them, and this is thanks to the diplomacy of the Spanish Administration." Moratinos believes that the Americans' tipping point, which led them to try for another UN resolution, "has its origins in Zapatero's decision." Rajoy is shooting back, calling Zap a liar since he had said that there would be no UN resolution before June 30, his deadline for pulling out the Spanish troops. Says Rajoy, how the hell did Zap get Spain in such a position that it now has no influence over what France and Germany get together and decide with the States and the UK.

Well, that proves it. Appeasement does work. Europe has been trying to teach us this lesson for the longest time, and we, in our naiive puppylike enthusiasm, just go off and start war after war. Can you imagine what would have happened to us if Zapatero hadn't bailed us out like this? Oh, the quagmire.

You know what's great about appeasement? You don't have to be strong to do it. You don't have to spend much money on your military to do it. You don't have to have much in the way of a plan. Hell, you don't even have to be right ... or wrong.

All you have to do is roll over, lie there and enjoy the fruits of your appeasement.

Really, this is going to change the world. If you think about it with enought nuance, you will see that Iraq really had nothing to do with the War on Terror after all. And you know what that means? We haven't even begun to appease. We haven't even appeased Mr. Osama Bin Laden yet. Only question is, how do you appease a guy who lives in a cave?

Well, how about giving him somewhere nice to live? Like Andalusia. I hear he kind of likes Andalusia, especially in the springtime.

Boy, oh boy, I'll bet you if we give Andalusia back to Osama he'll stop hating us so much, and then if we give him Turkey he'll probably stop hating us altogether.

And then, after that, who else can we appease? How about Iran? They've been diligently working on their Nuclear Bomb over there, and we keep giving them trouble. Maybe if appease them, they'll be able to get back to work and finish the little bugger. The thing is, once they are sufficiently appeased, we know they won't want to use the bomb. They'll just enjoy looking at it, and knowing it's there in case they need it.

By the way, ever notice how the word "appease" sounds kind of like the word "peace?" Why, I'll bet that's no coinkydink.

There's such a long list of people and countries to appease, we better get cracking at it right away, by golly. There's North Korea, Sudan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, China ...

Jeez, I'm so excited, I'm appeasing all over myself.

Jew-Hatred On Campus At U.C. Berkeley

Thanks to Roger Simon and Michael Totten for making me aware of this recent article from the East Bay Express:

On the day after September 11, Micki Weinberg walked to the UC Berkeley campus still in shock. At the entrance to campus, facing Telegraph Avenue, huge sheets of blank paper were spread out as an impromptu memorial on which students, faculty, and other passersby were invited to write comments ...

he saw one, large and clear, that stopped him dead in his tracks:

"It's the Jews, stupid."

The son of left-wing, Jewish intellectuals, Weinberg viewed himself as one too, having spent the summer before his senior year of high school in Myanmar, cataloguing the archives of Rangoon's disintegrating and depopulated Jewish synagogue. "That's why I came to Berkeley -- because of its strong romantic aura of the Free Speech Movement and Mario Savio," he recalls. "Then I got here and discovered that that light seems to have been extinguished. You have this vitriol. You feel it everywhere. Berkeley is now the epicenter of real hatred."

Almost three years later, Weinberg graduates this month as a student whose days at Cal were marked by what he calls "pinnacles of horror," in the pinched tone of a man betrayed. He remembers pro-Palestinian protesters insisting that Israeli border crossings are as bad as Nazi death camps. He remembers the glass front door of Berkeley's Hillel building -- where he attends Friday night services -- shattered by a cinderblock, with the message FUCK JEWS scrawled nearby. He remembers the spray-painted swastikas discovered one Monday morning last September on the walls of four lecture rooms in LeConte Hall accompanied by the chilling bilingual message, "Die, Juden. "

In recent years the international press has documented the resurgence of anti-Semitism around the world. Jewish schoolkids have been attacked by epithet-shouting gangs in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, and Brazil. Synagogues have been destroyed in Marseille and Istanbul; a Jewish school was firebombed this spring in Montreal; "Death to the Jews" was shouted through bullhorns outside a temple in South Africa. AP ran photos last month of a Jewish graveyard in eastern France where a hundred tombstones had been spray-painted with blood-red swastikas and the Nazi slogan Juden Raus: "Jews out." The Chicago Sun-Times and the British Guardian report that a ubiquitous chant at European soccer matches -- leveled at London and Rotterdam teams perceived as having Jewish roots -- is "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas."

... some of the most virulent anti-Semitism in America today seethes amid the multicultural ferment of American college campuses.

There's a lot more. I'd advise you all to go read it.

Osama Yo Mama

The Saudis just love Osama:

From August to November of last year—within months of the May al Qaeda attack in Riyadh that killed 36 people—15,000 Saudis were questioned about a range of topics, including their views on Osama bin Laden.

Nawaf Obaid, a Saudi national security consultant who conducted the survey, told CNN yesterday that Saudis expressed greatest support for bin Laden’s diatribes against the “Zionist conspiracy.”

Thanks to

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Jack Drops Some Science

Just a few days ago, in my post "Anger Over The American Occupation," I let loose with a little sarcasm about how we 'Murikins had better get cracking on the stealing-oil-from-the-Iraqis thing because we've gotta pay for our Foreign Aid/Iraqi Occupation. Damn, just when I thought maybe someone in the Wolfowitz/Perle Admin ..., er I mean Bush Administration would listen to me, here comes Jack, over at Jack Of Clubs, with About All About "All About Oil" post

Yep. This argument is officially dead according to the AP:

"Today the most important natural resource has been returned to Iraqis to serve all Iraqis," Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said. "I'm pleased to announce that full sovereignty and full control on oil industry has been handed over to the oil ministry today and to the new Iraqi government as of today."


"We are totally now in control, there are no more advisers," Ghadbhan said. "We are running the show, the oil policies will be implemented 100 percent by Iraqis."

There is a legend about George Washington that, after the War of Independence, George III of England expected him to install himself as king of America. When he learned that Washington's intention was to return to his farm he is said to have remarked, "If he does that, he would be the greatest character in history."

When Halliburton was chosen to oversee the restoration on Iraq's oil industry, many claimed that it was proof of America's (or at least Bush's) ulterior motives. Now that we have officially turned all such decisions over to the Iraqi governmnent, I wonder how many of those critics will be willing to acknowledge the statement this makes about American character?

Cripes. American character. Couldn't we just steal the oil? Just this once? Pretty please?

Actually, I think Jack's lying to himself. Truth is, Allawi and the new Iraqi government are puppets of the Wolfowitz/Perle regime who have only two things on their mind;

1) promoting American hegemony around the globe

2) The Booty

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Reuters Shows a Passion For Anti-Christianism

In a blatant example of Anti-Christianism, the following article from Reuters was run on Yahoo today under the headline "Gibson's Passion for Receipts":

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actor/director Mel Gibson (news)'s Icon Distribution Inc. has sued No. 1 movie theater chain Regal Entertainment Group for more than $40 million, claiming Regal failed to pay Icon its fair share of box office receipts for "The Passion of the Christ."

In the suit, filed on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Icon said its agreement with Regal called for the companies to share receipts on "studio terms," which Icon defined as 55 percent of gross ticket sales paid to it and 45 percent retained by Regal.

Icon claims Regal has reneged on that deal and offered to pay Icon only 34 percent, instead.

I'm sure many would say that Yahoo/Reuters were just trying to be cute with the headline. But, the headline clearly is an attempt to reflect negatively on Gibson, and to impugn his motives for making the movie.

If what the suit alleges is true, then the Regal chain of theatres is completely out of line. Of course Gibson should be upset. If you worked everyday for two weeks and then the bossman told you he was only going to pay you 62% of what he owes you, you'd be upset too. Anybody would.

When there is a contractual agreement to pay a certain amount of money for goods or services rendered, and the party receiving the goods fails to pay for those goods, it is called THEFT.

Or to put it another way, if the money is supposed to be in your pocket, and I know that, but I keep it in my pocket anyway, then I have stolen from you.

A Passion for receipts? How about a Passion for Justice?

Monday, June 07, 2004

Grandma Europa Calls Police
When Old Friend Shows Up At The Door

David's Medienkritik (a blog I will be linking to)has a post and photos you've got to see.

The upshot is that Erik from the blog No Parasan went to D-Day celebratio... er, make that anti-American demonstrations in Paris yesterday with a sign that said "Sometimes the Cowboy is Right" (in French, of course) and walked the streets singing "America The Beautiful."

The result?


Go to this link.

Israel Reaches Out To Help Ease Palestinian Suffering

Maariv International posted this article, by Amir Buhbut, about about an Israeli Hotline set up for Palestinians to call if they are experiencing problems that need to be addressed:

For the past few months, the IDF has been operating a hotline to address problems faced by Palestinian residents in the Gaza Strip. The call center is manned by two operators 24 hours a day and addresses problems related to various issues, including health, sanitation, and connection with aid organizations. According to an IDF source, the hotline deals with 150 requests per week on average.

"This is a humanitarian hotline, aimed at showing Palestinians a light at the end of the tunnel and indicate to them that there is another way, so they don't think there's nobody to talk to", said the source.

Sometimes, operators at the center face surprising situations. Recently, a Palestinian caller reported that terrorists are attempting to launch mortar shells from his backyard and that he is trying to drive them away. The Palestinian requested that the army refrain from firing at his home, and the IDF handled the situation accordingly.

In another case, a Palestinian reported that doctors were intending to disconnect his elderly mother from a respirator in light of overcrowded conditions at the hospital. IDF soldiers facilitated the evacuation of the woman to an Israeli hospital, where her condition was stabilized before she was taken back to Gaza.

There are many cases of Israeli human rights organizations reaching out to help Palestinians, but this is notable because it is actually the Israeli government. One could claim the Hotline is just a good P.R. move. I am disinclined to agree. I believe it is set up to be exactly what the spokesperson said, a "light at the end of the tunnel." I believe Israel believes that the Intifada might be close to being over, and realizes they need to hold out an olive branch, if a lasting peace is to be built.