Sunday, July 11, 2004

Israelly Cool Sums Up The UN Position On Israel

The following post appears on Israelly Cool today:

Quote of the Day
"I think the decision of the court is clear. Whilst we all accept the government of Israel has a responsibility, and indeed the duty to protect its citizens, any action it takes has to be in conformity with international law"
- UN Secretary General "Monkey Cloud" Kofi Annan.
I wonder what he means when he says "any action it takes."

The following "actions" are apparently not in "conformity with international law":

Building a fence to keep terrorists out of Israel

Targeting the terrorists from the air, even when they are 'ticking bombs'

Fighting the terrorists on the ground, like any enemy army

Which only leaves "just sit there and die."

Yes, that does seem to be the only option left to Israel by Kofi Annan and his ilk. Would love to hear another reasonable option.

As I've said here before, to me the "Security Fence" is the best humanitarian option. It's like saying to the Palestinians, "Ok, you refuse to negotiate? You refuse to work out a peace? Well, fine. Here's your state anyway."

What war has been settled like that, ever, in history?