Saturday, August 28, 2004

Thanks For The Meme-iary

My measly traffic has increased by about 300% in recent days. I wondered what happened to precipitate this improvement, so I checked around and found that I have recently been linked-to by three of my favorite bloggers.

First, though, I have to say thanks to Jack, over at Jack Of Clubs for being the first.

And then, the really exciting news is I have been linked-to, in a rather perplexing way by the Master over at The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog. I'm listed under the category of "Bad People Wrong About Iraq War Being Right." I don't know whether to wear that as a badge of honor because I May Be A Bad Person But I'm Sure The Iraq War Was Right (i.e. Not Wrong) or if I should be distraught at the label because I so admire the Masters profound pasquinade of a particular plurality.

Additionally, it is strange that he chose to list this site as "Pastorius ?" rather than CUANAS. My suspicion is that my hackey-sac-playing-law-school-dropping-out-of friend is on to the fact that I am not the real Jaco Pastorius, and is trying to smoke me out.

I'll say this, just so IraqWarWrong can settle down a bit, when I told my wife I adopted the name of the "Greatest Bass Player In The World" as my nom de plume, she asked, "Do you think Jaco would have agreed with you politically?" My answer, "I seriously doubt it."

It also gives me great pleasure to know that David Heddle over at He Lives was kind enough to add CUANAS to his blogroll. Thank you.

And finally, thanks to Strengthen The Good for adding me to their blogroll. It is an honor and a humbling experience to be acknowledged by such builders of the Kingdom.

As it says in Matthew 25:34-40:

34"Then the King will say to those on his right, 'Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.' 37"Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?' 40"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Anyway, thanks to all four of you. I truly appreciate the links.

France Detains Terrorists Suspects For Years Without Trial

From the Jerusalem Post:

Contrary to general perception in Israel and the United States, the French are neither wimps nor weasels when it comes to fighting Islamic extremism.

Since 1995, when an Algerian Islamist group called GIA killed eight people with a nail bomb in the Paris Metro, there has not been a single terrorist incident in France. This is not because Jacques Chirac's government takes an obsequious line toward Yasser Arafat, or because it did Saddam Hussein's bidding at the UN, or because it undermines US foreign policy at every turn.
Rather, it is because the French fight Islamic militants in ways that would make Israeli Shin Bit chief Avi Dichter proud and US Attorney General John Ashcroft envious.

"France has taken one of the hardest lines of any Western country in fighting Islamic extremism," writes reporter John Carreyrou in The Wall Street Journal. "Other democracies, including the US, have been criticized for excessive methods, such as holding prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. But few have been as systematic and zealous as France in attempting to stamp out Islamic militancy."

This year, eight Muslim imams have been deported from the country under a 1945 emergency law for preaching "discrimination, hatred or violence against a certain person or groups of persons." The judicial system has staged mega-trials of terrorist suspects – 100 at a time, in one instance. Suspects can be held without trial for years. Torture is not uncommon: According to a BBC report, the British High Court has blocked France's extradition request of Rachid Ramda, wanted in connection to the 1995 bombing, on grounds that "the evidence against him had been beaten out of one of the bombers by the notoriously tough French anti-terrorist police."

It would seem that France agrees with George Bush's assertion that terrorists are enemy combatants who do not fall under the protection of the Geneva Convention.

I don't support torture (and I seriously doubt that torture is a French policy, rather I believe the instance of torture mentioned was probably an aberration) but, I must say, I applaud France for their strength in dealing with terrorism ... within their own borders.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Put Two And One Together And You Get Jihad
Two In Russia The Other Day, And One In New York Three Years Ago

Not so shocking news from Pravda today. Those two planes that went down in Russia the other day? Well, what do you know, it was terrorism:

The preliminary results of the investigation of the crash of TU-134 and TU-154 gave the grounds to say that acts of terrorism took place.

The pilots of both the planes gave SOS signals, the damages of both the planes were identical - their tails were torn in the air, and there were females whose relatives have no interest to their destiny, on both the planes...

The Gazeta obtained the details of the preliminary investigation results of the planes crash.
It was detected that shortly before the catastrophes, the pilots of both the planes pressed the alarm buttons. TU-154 which crashed in Rostov region, sent SOS signal, while Tu-134 which fell in Tula region, managed to put on the air the signal, "Attack on the plane".

The source being close to the Staff investigating the plane crashes, confirmed to Gazeta that "today all the specialist agree that both the catastrophes were caused by planned terrorist attacks" which killed 90 people.

At first, the experts on explosives were puzzled as they saw no traces of explosions in the passenger salons or noses of the planes. However, when the tail part of the TU-154 was examined, in the area where the toilet is, a piece of the edging with the illuminator had been torn away.

Experts believe this is an evidence of small explosion, and after it the tail was torn and the plain went down and collapsed into pieces. This version was confirmed by the results of the searching on the ground. In both Tula and Rostov regions the planes fell in the same way: the tail, then v fuselage, the nose part and the cockpit. Had the planes collapsed in the air with no explosions, their tails would inevitably have fallen behind. It could be brought forward only after an explosion had taken place.

As for explosives, they could be of small power v up to 500 grams of trotyl. This was sufficient for blowing up the planes. It would not be hard for the terrorists to bring explosives in size of two bars of soap, aboard the planes.

Chairman of the Commission on investigating the crashes- causes Igor Levitin said that the information is collected on passenger Jebirkhanova who had been on the plane flying to Sochi. No relatives asked about her, and no information is known on her. A similar situation is about a native of Chechnya Amanta Nagaeva who was flying on the plane to Volgograd.

The experts have a version that the martyrs put the explosives in action in the toilets. For this reason, there was no fire on the planes, and most of the bodies were neither burned no disfigured by explosion.

Let me see, a tail falling off a plane and then the plane goes down, hmmm, where have I heard that before?

NARRATOR: 1 minute 45 seconds after taking off Flight 587 crashed into the houses of Belle
Harbor killing all 260 on board and 5 people on the ground.

1010 WINS RADIO: Breaking news now on 1010 WINS. Good morning, I'm Brian Carey. American Airlines Airbus flight 587 has exploded and crashed this morning.

Well Brian, it looks like they've locked down the bridges and tunnels again, the Lincoln, the Holland Tunnels, the George Washington Bridge are all closed.

NARRATOR: At first everyone assumed it had to be terrorism. The World Trade Centre had been attacked just two months before. For the Belle Harbor community the disaster was especially devastating. It was home to many of the city's fire-fighters who had lost their lives on September 11th. It all seemed to be happening again. Then, within hours of the crash, came a startling statement.

MARION BLAKEY [National Transportation Safety Board]: It is the case that the National Transportation Safety Board is the lead agency because all information we have currently is that this is an accident.

NARRATOR: It was almost reassuring to find that the crash was an accident until they discovered this! This is the tailfin of Flight 587. It has separated from the plane before it hit the ground. Missing from the bottom is the plane's rudder. With no rudder and no fin a plane can't fly. Something or someone had clearly caused the tailfin to break off Flight 587. Nothing like it had ever happened in 70 years of commercial aviation. The question for the investigation was who, or what, had done it.

Hey, this just in from the National Post in Canada:

A captured al-Qaeda operative has told Canadian intelligence investigators that a Montreal man who trained in Afghanistan alongside the 9/11 hijackers was responsible for the crash of an American Airlines flight in New York three years ago.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service agents were told during five days of interviews with the source that Abderraouf Jdey, a Canadian citizen also known as Farouk the Tunisian, had downed the plane with explosives on Nov. 12, 2001.

The source claimed Jdey had used his Canadian passport to board Flight 587 and "conducted a suicide mission" with a small bomb similar to the one used by convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid, a "Top Secret" Canadian government report says.

But officials said it was unlikely Jdey was actually involved in the crash, which killed 265 people and is considered accidental. The fact that al-Qaeda attributed the crash to Jdey, however, suggests they were expecting him to attack a plane.

"We have seen no evidence of anything other than an accident here," said Ted Lopatkiewicz, spokesman for the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board. "There has been no evidence found, from what I can tell -- at least that's been relayed to us -- that there was any criminality involved here. It appears, at least the evidence we have, is that a vertical fin came off, not that there was any kind of event in the cabin."

Jdey, 39, came to Canada from Tunisia in 1991 and became a citizen in 1995. Shortly after getting his Canadian passport, he left for Afghanistan and trained with some of the Sept. 11 hijackers, according to the 9/11 commission in the United States.

He recorded a "martyrdom" video, but was dropped from the 9/11 mission after returning to Canada in the summer of 2001. The planner of the World Trade Center attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, claims Jdey was recruited for a "second wave" of suicide attacks.

Call me a conspiracist, but I never for one second believed that the tail of Flight 587 just fell off that day. As noted, that had "never happened in 70 years of commercial aviation." And yet, the NTSB said it did happen just two months after September 11th.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemies

Mikis Theodorakis, the Greek composer, is a fascinating man. He's, apparently, a Pandora's Box unto himself. You ask the man a question and all of heaven and hell pours out. My God. He writes beautiful music and he is possessed of every anti-Semitic prejudice every created by mankind. In fact, he's could almost be called a genius of anti-Semitism. From the Haaretz article:

ATHENS - Twenty-four hours before the opening of the 2004 Olympic Games, we sat on the penthouse roof. The Acropolis hovered above us.

Mikis Theodorakis placed his hand on mine. And said look how beautiful. Look how beautiful. And just as Goethe wrote: It's like frozen music, the Acropolis. It dominates all of Athens like frozen music.Afterward he spoke about his music. How his music comes to him. He hears notes in his sleep. He turns on the light and jots down the notes on a piece of paper. He turns out the light and goes back to sleep, until more notes awaken him.

I'm close to the German spirit, says Theodorakis. Very romantic, but very disciplined. Swept up completely in great feelings, but hard-working and orderly. I admire Beethoven and Wagner ...

Yeah, apparently. Read on to see the beautiful Wagnerian spirit unfold:

Question: Mr. Theodorakis, on November 4, 2003 you said in this house the words that shocked Jews and non-Jews across the world. You said that the Jewish people are at the root of evil. What did you mean?

Answer: "For me the root of evil today is the policy of President Bush. It is a fascist policy. I cannot understand how is it that the Jewish people, who have been the victims of Nazism, can support such a fascist policy. No other people in the world support those policies but Israel! This situation saddens me. I am a friend of Israel. I am a friend of the Jewish people. But the policy of Sharon and the support for the policy of Bush darkens the image of Israel. I am afraid that Sharon is going to lead the Jews - just as Hitler led the Germans - to the root of evil."

Even today, 10 months later, you don't think you made a mistake when you uttered those words?"

No, but it's important for me to emphasize that I never said that the Jews are the root of evil. I said they are at the root of evil."

So you have no regrets?"

No. And I was very much hurt by the Jewish reaction to what I said. It was not a civilized reaction. I got hundreds and hundreds of poisonous e-mails from Jews all over the world. I couldn't understand this hatred toward me. I fought against racism all my life. I was for Israel. I wrote "Mauthausen." After all that, how could I become from one day to the next an anti-Semite?"

Let me explain to you the context for this reaction. Many Jews have a renewed fear of Europe. We are afraid that there is a new kind of anti-Semitism in Europe. So when you said what you said there was a feeling of thou too, Brutus. There was a feeling that even our old friend Theodorakis turned against us."

I don't believe there is anti-Semitism in Europe. There is a reaction against the policy of Sharon and Bush. I think it's artificial to think there is a new anti-Semitism. It's an excuse. It's a way to avoid self-criticism. Rather than ask themselves what is wrong with the policy of Israel, Jews say the Europeans are against us because of the new anti-Semitism. Because they don't love us. And even Theodorakis says we are at the root of evil. This is a sick reaction."

Why? In what way is it a sick reaction?"

Because this kind of reaction is relevant to the psychopathology of the Jewish people. They want to feel victims. They want to have this comforting feeling. We are in the right, we are again victims. Let's create another ghetto. It's a masochistic reaction."

The Jews are masochists?"

There is psychological masochism in the Jewish tradition."

Is there sadism as well?"

I'm certain that when Diaspora Jews talk among themselves, they feel satisfied. They feel that now, when we are so close to the greatest power in the world, no one can do anything to us. We can do whatever we like. This is why the claim of new anti-Semitism is not only a sick reaction, it's a sly reaction as well."

In what way is it sly?"

Because it really allows the Jews to do whatever they want. Not only psychologically, but also politically, it gives the Jews an excuse. The sense of victimhood. It gives them a license to hide the truth. There is no Jewish problem in Europe today. There is no anti-Semitism."

Let us go a bit deeper. Let us go back in time. When you were a child, before the Holocaust, what were your impressions of the Jews?"

The Jews of Greece were not different from the Greeks. They were entirely Greek. They loved their work and loved their family. At school they were the best. Good friends, good neighbors. No problems."

But there must have been something problematic as well. They were the other. They were different."

The Jews were picturesque. I remember that for the old women, the Jews were the ones that crucified Christ!"In 1932 I was in Ioannina. There was a very big Jewish community there. I played with the Jewish boys all the time. My grandmother was very religious. She had a room full of icons. She sang psalms. Much of my music was influenced by her religious singing. And I remember that in springtime she said to me: Now that it's Easter, don't go to the Jewish quarter. Because during Easter the Jews put Christian boys in a barrel with knives inside. Afterward they drink their blood."

Was this story imprinted in your young mind?"

It was a very powerful image. Years later, before I became a communist, I was a member of a fascist youth movement. It was a state-sponsored movement during the dictatorship of Ioannis Metaxas. We walked up and down the streets in uniform and heiled all the time. It was a bit like the Hitler Youth but comical. One day they gave me an assignment: to talk the next day about communism. I went home and asked my mother what is communism. She said she didn't know but she thinks it's something evil. What kind of evil, I asked. Evil like the Jews, she said. So I asked her if the communists also put little boys in barrels with knives and drink their blood. What do I want to say by telling you all this? These things exist. I wasn't aware of it before, but now, through your questions, I realize it is there."

Would you agree with me that for Christian Europe the Jewish people is not just another people. The Jews have a unique role in the inner theater of the European mind."

I don't know about Europe. It's different than Greece. Different religion, different culture. We don't have religious dogmas. We are not fanatic."

Do you think the Jews are fanatic?"

Something that is very negative can also be positive. If the Jews didn't have fanaticism, they wouldn't have existed. There is no evil without good. The Jews need this fanaticism. What one might call Jewish fanaticism has more to do with self-defense. It was through their religion that Jews were interconnected and kept together."

You seem to be fascinated by the Jews. Why?

"To be a community that disregards all dangers and remains true to its origins - that's a mystery. Look at France, for example. There is a huge community of Jews in France where there is a great civilization. But do the Jews become French? No. They speak the French language perfectly. They succeed in their work. But they are not French. They always think of going back to Jerusalem."

So there is something unique about the Jewish way of existence?

"It's a metaphysical phenomenon. It cannot be explained."

In your opinion, what is it that holds us Jews together?

"It is the feeling that you are the children of God. That you are chosen."

Do you think Jews have a feeling of superiority because of this intimate relationship with God?"There is that element too. Not all Jews have it. But very religious Jews do."

Is there something a bit arrogant and aggressive about the Jews?"


Do you see in Sharon's Israel an expression of that element of the Jewish psyche?"

No, I wouldn't say that. But this question of superiority is not just a feeling. Because in the Jews' battle for self-defense they became distinguished. There are 200 Jews who won Nobel prizes. Christ, Marx and Einstein were Jewish. The Jews offered so much to science, art and music. They hold world finance in their hands. So it's only natural that they would see themselves as very strong. This gives them a feeling of superiority."

The Jews have international finance in their hands?"

They control a great deal of the world's finances... In America the Jewish community is very strong. It controls much of the economy. Certainly the mass media."

It just goes on and on in one extended symphony of anti-Semitism. It really is amazing.

Man, you just gotta love your enemies when they tell the truth.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Reuters Has A Problem With Calling Hitler A Monster

Props to LittleGreenFootballs for making me aware of this. Reuters can't bring themselves to call Hitler a monster without putting the word in quotes:

By David Crossland
BERLIN (Reuters) - A startlingly convincing portrayal of Adolf Hitler in a new German movie about his last 12 days is causing controversy with critics challenging its treatment of the "monster" as a human being.

"The Downfall" ("Der Untergang"), based on eyewitness accounts and on the book of that name by historian Joachim Fest, opens in German cinemas in September and is one of the country's first attempts to characterize Hitler in a film.

Uh, wow. Pol Pot was a "monster". Jeffrey Dahmer was a "monster". Nero was a "monster". Stalin was a "monster". Charles Manson was a "monster". Idi Amin was a "monster".

We really can't be sure, can we? Better put it in quotes.

And then, if you aren't frightened enough for Western Civilization's future, there's is this, from further down in the same article:

Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel wrote: "This Hitler, who is so nice to the female bunker staff while he sends a whole people to the slaughter outside, does indeed keep awakening sympathy.
"A lonely screamer, betrayed by his followers, who stands firm until the end -- isn't that a hero, maybe not as appealing as the few positive supporting characters, but all the larger than life for that?"

They actually said it. A hero. No quotes around the word hero. Not an anti-hero. Just a hero. In the classical sense, apparently. One who has a vision for the future good beyond that of his peers, one who is willing to fight, against all adversity, and die to see his vision through to it's implementation.

Yeah, right, Hitler is a hero. In Hell.

Eichinger said it had been time for a German film on the subject.
"If you throw the spotlight on the biggest possible physical and psychological collapse of an entire civilization, namely our German nation, then it must be possible for us to tell this story ourselves. We have to," he said.

Hey Germany, your collapse was not physical, and your ability to organize and industrialize mass murder, is beyond what we could expect of a people in the throes of a complete psychological collapse.

Your collapse was a moral collapse. Repentance would be the way to deal with it.

I understand that part of the process would involve trying to understand how a human being, and a nation of human beings, could come to make such choices. I understand that this requires that one study the humanity of the culprits in some sense.

However, it's probably not a good idea to start by casting Hitler in the role of hero, in any way.

Hitler was evil because he chose to be evil. No one else is responsible for his choice. No other confluence of forces is repsonsible for his choice, and no confluence of circumstances is responsible for the choices the German people made as a whole.

It is not part of the process of redemption that the rest of humanity understand your woes. Redemption involves you learning to give by standing up for what is right and good and beautiful in God's eyes.

John Kerry Talks About Pets and Sloppy Joes
Scoop From CUANAS

Thanks to LittleGreenFootballs for making me aware of this story from The Washington Times:

VC surfaces A new four-legged angle -- actually a dog named "VC" -- has suddenly materialized surrounding Sen. John Kerry's swift boat service in Vietnam.

In a 2004 presidential candidate questionnaire for Humane USA, Mr. Kerry was asked whether any pets have had an impact on his life.

"I have always had pets in my life, and there are a few that I remember very fondly," Mr. Kerry replied. "When I was serving on a Swift Boat in Vietnam, my crewmates and I had a dog we called VC.

"One day as our Swift Boat was heading up a river, a mine exploded hard under our boat," he continued. "After picking ourselves up, we discovered VC was MIA (missing in action). Several minutes of frantic search followed, after which we thought we'd lost him. We were relieved when another boat called asking if we were missing a dog."

Said Mr. Kerry: "It turns out VC was catapulted from the deck of our boat and landed, confused but unhurt, on the deck of another boat in our patrol."

J.J. Scheele, program director of Humane USA, confirmed yesterday that her organization did, in fact, receive the above statement from the Kerry campaign.

No military records on Mr. Kerry's Web site, which aides say is a complete accounting, mention a mine exploding under his boat or any dog. The only report of a mine detonating "near" Mr. Kerry's PCF 94 was March 13, 1969, when Mr. Kerry says he was injured and a man knocked overboard.

And now, in a first for CUANAS, I, Pastorius, am bringing you a BIG NEWS SCOOP.

I have it on good authority that when Kerry was preparing to speak to the NRA recently (Did you know Kerry is a hunter? It's true. He likes to hunt deer by crawling around on the ground.) he decided it would be best if he actually became a member. On the form he filled out, one of the questions was,

"Have you ever eaten any meat which you personally hunted? If so, please elaborate."

Here was Kerry's answer:

Yes I have. Well, I didn't actually kill the meat, although I did hunt it. The story was a little more complex than that. I hunted the meat, and then it died, and then I cooked it, and then I ate it. Here's how it happened.

When I served in Viet Nam, me and the other Swifties, had a loyal pooch we nicknamed VC. His proper name was Francois, but that's another story. Anyway, one day a mine exploded underneath our boat and the force of the explosion catapulted VC one hundred feet through the air and out of our field of vision, which was obscured by the billowing smoke of huge fire that broke out on deck.

I hunted for VC in vain for over two hours until finally we got a call from another boat inquiring as to whether we had lost a dog. It seems VC had flown through the air and landed, unharmed, on the deck of a Swift Boat several hundred yards behind us. Thankfully, our furry friend had sustained only a minor shrapnel wound.

Now wouldn't you know it, no sooner than we had retrieved our canine brother, and treated his wounds, we were hit by another mine exploding directly underneath our boat. This time I watched in horror as VC flew straight up into the air tumbling head over paws. It all unfolded in a surreal slow motion. I could see the fear in his eyes, the string of drool falling from his cute little face, the terrible airborne ballet of my little doggie turning gracefully through the air as I saw the life drain from his mangled body.

Fortuitously, when VC landed, he landed in a large pot of water that sat boiling on the sterno stove. Just the moment before the mine went off, we been debating the lack of supplies for a proper dinner.

Now, when you are in the midst of battle you need to be flexible and ready to improvise and, as VC was already dead when he landed in the pot, and as my men were hungry, and yearning for a home cooked meal just like their mamas might have cooked, I decided to cook VC and make a big platter of Sloppy Joe's for all my loyal men.

I guess you could say VC served us well in life, and we served him well-done in death.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

They Really Need To Learn To Pick On Someone Their Own Size
Like France Or Spain

Sometimes I marvel at the sophistication of the Islamists. Sometimes I wonder how stupid they are. Today, they decided to pick on Russia big time.

MOSCOW - A Russian airliner crashed south of Moscow, and controllers lost contact with a second passenger jet at about the same time after both took off from Moscow, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported Wednesday. There was no word on survivors.

Witnesses reported seeing an explosion before the plane crashed about 125 miles south of Moscow, and authorities were not ruling out terrorism, the agency said.

The Interfax news agency said emergency workers spotted a fire about 600 miles south of Moscow in the region where the second plane went missing.

Do the Islamofascist fools not know what happened in World War II? Russia is relentless, under the worst of circumstances. Give them the bleakest life, the most brutal dictator, the worst weather, casualties in the tens of millions, but if you attack them, they will send an endless sea of soldiers to kill you.

The United States and Great Britain are nothing compared to Russia.

In more breaking news, the fools also bombed a bus stop outside a police station at an hour when police are regularly scheduled to exit the building.

Shepherd Smith, of Fox News, just noted that it is Wednesday in Russia and the Chechen elections are to be held on Sunday. Checneya is a region of Russia where Islamofascists are fighting fiercely to gain control. And word has been, they are supported by Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda and it's evil spawn might want to think twice before staging large scale attacks inside Russia.

Nazi's Are But Victims To The French

Really, what is happening to France? It's a seizure of madness. Check out this cartoon.

The truth is, No Pasaran didn't quite translate the whole thing. It actually "please (s'il vous plait) don't send us to Guantanamo Bay."

What is the point of this cartoon? Lacking the apropriate labyrinths of nuance in my simple American brain, I just don't see the humor there. Is the idea that America is as bad, or worse, than the Nazi's? You know the Nazi's has this little villa in Poland called


you moronic caroonist. What's the name of this guy? Let's nominate him for a commendation from the U.N. Heck, let's give him the Nobel Peace Prize.

That's Le Monde. One of the two most important important papers in Paris. That's what they see fit to print.

Allah says:

Hitler As Victim. Note the insignia on the Nazi's helmet; just makes him that much more sympathetic, eh?

Allah is referring the SS symbol which means these Nazi's are not just your run of the mill Nazi's. These are Special Services guys; the ones charged with killing the Jews, gays and handicapped people.

What do you think would cause a people to start believing that this is an accurate picture of the world in which they live?

Trendy Anti-Semitism In Paris

No Pasaran posted this anecdotal account about trendy anti-Semitism in gay Paree:

Le Monde Al-Jazira sur Seine, Libération PropagandaStaffel, and the wingnuts that read them. Overheard yesterday in a trendy eatery in central Paris patronized by a certain fringe of the national bolchevik-yuppie-green-lefty bunch slightly 'Eichmann-brown shirt' around the edges. Two wingnuts discuss the pages 12 (full page on the Jewish Center arson attack) and 13 (a quarter page about immgrants without residence permits, meaning illegal aliens, meaning illegal is the key word) in yesterday's Libération.

Wingnut no. 1 (manager of the eatery): 'You see this, full page here, quarter of a page here?'

Wingnut no. 2 ('underground' music producer): 'Not surprising, if you got money you get the full page, if you don't you can drop dead. Those people are getting on my nerves with their problems.'

This in a country where Jews are insulted on prime time TV, and where comedians who call them 'slavetraders who have gone into banking' are acquitted on charges of racism. Both wingnuts were white, French, under-35, and well-off.

They have already been overheard participating in discussions about: getting George Bush hanged (pretty standard stuff here in Paris), how George Bush's electorate (roughly half of American voters) is a menace for the planet (but wait, I thought they only hated George Bush and not the American people), and how the Al-Qaeda menace just doesn't exist (they believe that Thierry Meyssan is on to something).

The eatery in question is a stone's throw from the rue des Rosiers (Orthodox Jewish area) and the Marais (neighborhood brown shirt lobbies). No effort whatsoever is made to be discreet with regard to their views because they are not saying anything shocking. Their views are normal. This is Paris and they are mainstream. It's 1938. Only well-off leftist politically correct thinkers are capable of spewing such horrors.

This is only an anecdote, of course, but it is supported by the Bushhiterisms of the French media's headlines. So, I believe it.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Coming Down The Mountain - One Of Many Children

I found a blog that looks pretty cool. It's called Coming Down The Mountain. It's written by a woman from South Africa named Neritia. She sums up the mission of her blog by saying:

my journey is up and down the mountain. different seasons and different places. highs and lows. grace and mercies. as Nora Neale Hurston said...there are years that ask questions - and years that answer. my time has come to search for answers to the questions that repeat themselves no matter where on the journey i am.

I guess that's all of us. Anyway, here's an excerpt from a story she shares:

About 3 years ago, as I was getting ready to leave for work, there was a knock on my front door. I remember it as though it happened this morning!I was in a rush and as I opened the door I saw a thin and dirty little boy standing in front of me. He looked at me and smiled, but I was so irritated and rushed that I didn't even notice the beauty of his smile. He asked for food.I barked something in the line of...Why aren't you in school? Go home and go to school!

As I closed that door and walked back to my room I clearly heard...which of you, when your son asks for bread will give him a stone [Matt 7:9]?

Ashamed is not a strong enough word to describe how I felt at that moment. I ran back to the front door, pulled open the door and started down the road to find the boy. Half way down the road he heard me yelling for him to come back...and that day something beautiful started in my life.

At the time, Jacques was 8 years old. His parents were alcoholics, he had a younger sister and he was hungry. Hunger brought him to my front door. I phoned the office and told them that I was going to be late...I cooked him some porridge, made hot chocolate and the two of us sat outside on the 'stoep' [porch/veranda] talking.

When I asked him why he didn't go to school he told me he was too hungry. His school uniform was not clean and his mother was drunk. That day the two of us made a deal. I promised him breakfast every morning and he promised to go to school. For months we would share breakfast on the 'stoep'.

I think it was on day 4 that I told him we need to talk about God...we need to thank Him for the food...for bringing the 2 of us into each others lives. Our little ritual turned into Bible reading, praying and sharing breakfast.He had a brilliant smile...a huge white smile...a smile that always reached his eyes. I use to marvel at how much he could eat...but the best part of his hunger was the hunger to hear about Truth.

One morning he refused to pray -- after some encouragement he told me that he couldn't understand why Jesus didn't listen to him. He was praying for a sober mother...but she chose to drink.

I tried to explain to this 8 year old that we all have choices in life. Sometimes we just don't realize that we can choose and sometimes we don't have the courage or strength to make the right choices. We started to pray that his mother would become sober...he understood that God was always there to listen to matter the circumstances!

Not too long after that, he came to my house one evening to tell me that he's moving away. His mother decided to get help and he [and his sister] was to go live with his grandmother for a while. The joy in that child's eyes...the hope of a better brings tears to my eyes each time I think of him.

What impresses me about this story is the spirit of humility in which it is told. It is clear from the way Niritia relates the unfolding of events that she knows that was graced by God to be part of God's plan for this boys life. It was a gift to her as well the boy.


Sunday, August 22, 2004

A Rapist Makes An Honest Women Of His Victim

Thanks to DhimmiWatch for making me aware of this from the Scotsman:

THE dusty Berhampur Central jail, 120 miles north of Calcutta, provided the setting for a bizarre wedding last week between a rapist and his victim. The victim faced a life as an outcast, ostracised and stigmatised by Indian society for being on the receiving end of a violent sexual crime. But if her assailant married her, the shame would be lifted in the eyes of the local Muslim community.

On the order of the court in Berhampur, Ahammad Shaikh, 30, tied the knot with Sabina Khatoon, 18, inside the local prison where he is serving his sentence. Shaikh kidnapped Khatoon - the daughter of a daily wage labourer - from her village and raped her in a nearby forest in March this year.

After her father complained of the rape to the police in June, Shaikh was arrested. In the court he admitted having raped the teenager and was sent to prison for the deed. Shaikh’s lawyers failed to bail him out and he expected to be handed at least a seven-year sentence within a few months. Then, with permission from the court, an activist carrying out work among rural women, approached Shaikh inside the jail and informed him of the woman’s miseries after being ‘tainted’ by his rape.

The women’s rights activist suggested that Shaikh marry Khatoon.

Some women's rights activist. Sounds more like a pimp from the world of sadomasochism.

I must say, I find that line about how she would be stigmatized in Indian society very offensive. It's not Indian society, but the Muslim subculture within Indian society, that would stigmatize the poor women.

For God's sake, Indian society elects female Presidents. Something, America has not been able to bring itself to do, as of yet.

Although, this account from the Scotsman is skewed by such stupidity, the basic truth remains, that, in India, Muslim society is as sick as it is in the Islamic world proper.

Don't Say You Want To Destroy Your Enemy
It Just Wouldn't Be Nice

Read this:

'Wack the Iraq' Boardwalk Arcade Criticized as Anti-Arab

We've come a long way from "Der Fuhrer's Face" and Hitler cuspidors. Can you imagine what the reaction would have been if a German-American group had protested "Der Fuhrer's Face" on the grounds that it was anti-German? But it is evidently no longer acceptable to express contempt for mass murderers. A paintball game in which players take aim at Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden is being criticized as anti-Arab.

But wait a minute. I thought those guys represented only a tiny minority of extremists whose views and actions were abhorrent to the vast majority of peaceful Muslims. If one believes the rhetoric that groups like the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee purvey most of the time, one would think that Arabs would be lining up to play this game. By playing both sides of matters like these, the ADC leaves us with the impression that Saddam and Osama mean more to them than they ordinarily let on.

AP, with thanks to DC Watson:

WILDWOOD, N.J. -- A live-target paintball game in which patrons take aim at runners dressed as Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden has drawn fire from critics who say the game is tasteless and can only encourage violence against Arabs.

"We don't need any more games that would encourage people to hate Arabs or kill them," said Aref Assaf, president of the New Jersey Chapter of American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Assaf has called on local officials to shut the game down, which he considers hate speech. He also wants Wildwood visitors to boycott it.

The game, known as "Wack the Iraq" _ not Iraqi _ has been on the board walk in Wildwood for at least a year, but has only recently drawn complaints, said Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr.
Troiano agrees the game is tasteless but said it was no more likely to encourage violence than many popular video games. He also said the city was powerless to shut the game down because of the operator's free speech rights.

"You go out and tell him that he can't do this, you're going to have a lawsuit that you cannot win," Troiano said.

That remains to be seen, in these hyper-PC times.

Two of the most informative and, indeed, important blogs are Robert Spender's JihadWatch and DhimmiWatch. I have never linked to them because I'm not comfortable with Mr. Spencer's rhetoric in writing something like this:

But wait a minute. I thought those guys represented only a tiny minority of extremists whose views and actions were abhorrent to the vast majority of peaceful Muslims.

The jury is still out on that and I am not going to accuse Islamic society of being pro-Jihad in general. I am convinced that at least 10-20 percent support Bin Laden and his ideas. I think those numbers surge periodically given circumstances. I do believe that's a sign of an illness in Islamic society. Add to that the fact that Islamic countries, almost without fail, are approving of anti-Semitic propoganda and it becomes clear that Islamic society is sick in general. But, do the majority of their want to kill all the infidels? I don't know. I don't think there is hard evidence for that. Although, maybe those rallies where thousands of people chant "Death to America" ought to convince me.

Robert Spencer is convinced.

Similarly, I believe it is still questionable just what percentage of Germans supported Hitler. But, it is clearly true that German society, circa 1930's-1940's, was in the throes of a serious illness.

Whatever the case, I believe the evidence is that the forces of Jihad ideology, along with the forces of anti-Semitism, and the abuse of women, has reached such a fever pitch and I believe their governmental support systems need to be eliminated. I believe that if we remove the regimes of Iran, Syria, and the PA, from power, and replace them with more democratic institutions, a domino effect will take hold and the entire Middle East picture will change.

I believe it must happen and I believe it will happen.

That all being said, I still have a problem with Robert Spencer assuming that the majority of Muslims are tolerant of Jihadic ideology. Do we really know that? Am I a dhimmi? Jeez, if the dhimmis were all like me, the Jihadists would be in even more serious trouble than they are now.

Micro Charities Strengthen The Good

There's a great new idea in the blogosphere and I've got to thank Michelle Malkin for making me aware of it. There's a new organizations, formed by bloggers, called Strenthen The Good. The idea is to promote what they are calling "Micro Charities." For instance, they are raising money for individuals and families who have victims of Hurricaine Charly.

You can help by clicking here.

If you are a blogger and you want to join too, click here.

Thanks to whoever came up with this idea, and thank you to God who, by His Grace, plants the love in our hearts that we need to surmount our own selfishness and actually do something for someone else.

A Martyr For Women's Rights

Thanks to Roger Simon for making me aware of this:

On Sunday August 15, 2004, a 16 year old girl by the name of Atefe Rajabi, daughter of Ghassem Rajabi, was executed in the town of Neka, located in the province of Mazandaran, for “engaging in acts incompatible with chastity”. The execution was carried out by the order of Neka’s “judicial administrator” and was approved by both the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic and the chief of the nation’s “judiciary branch.”

Three months ago, during her appearance before the local court, fiercely angry the young girl hurled insults at the local judge, Haji Reza, who is also the chief judicial administrator of the city, and it is said as another expression of protest took off some of her clothes in the courtroom. This act by the young girl made the administrator so furious that he evaluated her file personally and in less than three months received a go-ahead from the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Court for her execution.

The animosity and anger of Haji Reza was so strong that he personally put the rope around the girl’s delicate neck and personally gave the signal to the crane operator, by raising his hand, to begin pulling the rope.

It may be noted that although according to the Islamic Republic’s own penal laws the presence of an attorney for the defense [is supposed to be] mandatory, regardless of the defendant’s ability to afford one, nevertheless the girl remained without an attorney. Her unfortunate father, while tears poured from his eyes, went about the city beseeching the townspeople for money to hire an attorney who in the least would provide his daughter with a line of defense.

The 16 year old girl’s male companion, who had been arrested as well, received 100 lashes and, after the Islamic punishment was carried out, released.

While her behavior in court was foolish, it is understandable. She lived in a society where women live or die according to the whims of male jealousy and hatred of women. I commend her bravery while I cry for her death.

Another Great Idea Comes Out Of Europe
Concentration Camps To House North African Immigrants

Well, let's see, in the past few weeks, I've posted on how Norwegian politicians want to ban Islam, the UK approved housing "for Asians only", Europe condemns Israel's wall and then hires Israeli firms to build one for them too, etc. etc. etc.

Now, yet another great idea wafts over from Europe.

Thanks to EU Referendum for making me aware of this:

The garrulous Rocco Buttiglione – commissioner-designate for justice, freedom and security, has teamed up with Otto Schilly, the German federal minister of the interior, to recommend "reception camps" in north Africa to "filter" immigrants from the South of the continent on their way to EU countries.

Sounding suspiciously like concentration camps, there is more than a little historical resonance in the fact that they are being championed by a German and an Italian politician in what may well come to be dubbed "the final solution" to the immigration problem.But to avoid the jibe of "little colonialists", which has already been levied at them, the Axis duo want the "countries on the other side of the Mediterranean" to create the camps, with costs shared "roughly in equal parts" among EU member states. That way, all the European states would have to do would be to "encourage and support them", thus keeping their hands clean.

Buttiglione is also suggesting that there is a possibility of using NGOs "with contacts with European companies" to train workers needed to run the camps.

It takes a very nuanced mind to come up with this stuff, folks.

Can you imagine the backlash if Israel decided they needed to build camps to "filter" the Arabs who come across their border everyday?

Jewish Social Center Firebombed In Paris

Thanks to No Pasaran for making me aware of this, from Agence French Presse:

An arson destroyed a Jewish social center in the 11th arrondissement of Paris in the night of Saturday to Sunday, without causing injury or death, according to the Paris mayor's office. The site, about 100 square meters, located on the ground floor of 5 rue Popincourt, was set alight toward 4 AM and anti-Semitic slurs were written on it in marker, also according to the mayor's office. The fire was rapidly contained and the building was not evacuated, according to police. The Paris proescutors office has assigned investigators to the case. The mayor of Pairs, Betrand Delanoë, who is to arrive at the scene toward 9 am, released a statement expressing his "consternation and horror," adding that "the Nazi and anti-Semitic writings defiling the center are revolting."

Everything old is new again.