Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Charles Back In Charge

Little Green Footballs Is Back!!!


Charles Johnson's brilliant website had been smite at the neck and brought low by some enemies of freedom the couple days.

Charles says:

Back Like Me
Well, Little Green Footballs is back, and I still have one fingernail left!

My sentiments exactly. And, I love the reference to a forgotten Liberal non-fiction work of the 1960's. It was a good book with a great perspective, which seems to have since been lost by the Left.

I also agree with the thoughts of several of his readers:


Pro-Bush Canuck 1/11/2005 08:32AM PST

Charles performs a critical function in a democratic society. Leftists wish to silence those with whom they disagree. That makes them fascists and the enemy in the most literal sense.



shan 1/11/2005 08:33AM PST

I almost had a nervous breakdown the last 2 days! Glad to see ya back!

Yes, I am an addict. And yes, I do believe that the people who did this are fascists, and haters of Freedom. Just to be clear, let us delineate between "Leftists" and left-wingers. A "Leftist" is (loose definition here) an anti-American Marxist, whereas a left-winger is a liberal. There's nothing wrong with being a liberal. I still consider myself a liberal on many issues.

However, I am not willing to sell the United States down the river for my more liberal beliefs. And I don't think squashing anyone's right to free speech is a reasonable technique of political discourse.

I hope they catch the people who did this to LGF, and I hope they are brought to justice. A jail term of 6-12 months would seem appropriate to me.