Friday, January 14, 2005

One Man's Freedom Fighter
Is Another Man's Armed Forces

I have always thought that the Palestinian terrorists were despicable in their willingness to target innocent women and children on buses, and in restaurants. I have also always been extremely disappointed in people who, when confronted with the terrorists atrocities reply by uttering the phrase "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

But, I have never denied that these terrorists are "freedom fighters" in the sense that they are fighting for a cause, and that they do want to be "free" of something. I believe that. It's just that what they want to be of is Jews.

That's very noble, right?

I think we all should just acknowledge the truth, that the noble Jihadi's are doing exactly what they say they are doing. They are waging Jihad. They are fighting for the freedom of the Palestinian people. That they are serving as the de facto army of the Palestinian Authority because "What do you expect them to do, the Israeli's won't allow them to have a real army."

Therefore, it would be reasonable for Israel to do what any sovereign state would do, when they are under attack by the armed forces of another. That is, wage all-out war against their enemy and beat them until they surrender. The Israeli government owes protection to their people, and to the state as a whole.

If the Israeli's want to be compassionate, though, they could seal off their borders and completely cut off all relationship with the Palestinian people. This would allow the Palestinians to build a state on their own, without the meddling of the Israeli's whom they hate so much.

Then, if the Palestinian's once again attack the Israeli's, it will be even more clear that the sovereign Palestinian government is waging war against the state of Israel.