Monday, January 10, 2005

Poll Shows Attitudes of British Muslims

From the Guardian, via American Future:

Four of five believe that the war on terror is a war on Islam: Notwithstanding Bush's and Blair's statements to the contrary, 80% believe that the war on terror is a war against Islam. In March 2004, 68% disagreed with Blair and Bush.

An overwhelming majority rejects violence: 86% believe it is unacceptable for religious or political groups to use violence for political ends and 69% believe it is right that they should inform on people who are involved or connected with terrorist activities.

Plenty of trouble can be caused by the one of seven Muslims that don't reject violence.

More than one-third have experienced anti-Muslim sentiment:

38% claim that they or their family had experienced had experienced hostility or abuse in the UK from non-Muslims because of their religion, up from 33% in March.

Four of five support restrictions on freedom of speech and three of fivre think that people who violate these restrictions should be prosecuted:

81% think there should be a new law to make incitement of religious hatred a criminal offence.

58% believe that people who insult or criticize Islam should face criminal prosecution.

Three of five support Islamic laws: 61% want Islamic courts - operating on sharia principles – "so long as the penalties did not contravene British law". A major part of civil cases in this country deal with family disputes such as divorce, custody and inheritance.

Nearly nine of ten want Islam in the schools: 88% want to see schools and workplaces in Britain accommodating Muslim prayer times as part of their normal working day.

Only two of five say it's up to them to fit in: 40% say they need to do more to integrate into mainstream British culture.