Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Resist The Occupation

Howard Fineman says we are watching the slow, torturous death of the Main Stream Media. He makes the point that it is, truly, the death of an American Political Party:

A political party is dying before our eyes — and I don't mean the Democrats. I'm talking about the "mainstream media," which is being destroyed by the opposition (or worse, the casual disdain) of George Bush's Republican Party; by competition from other news outlets (led by the internet and Fox's canny Roger Ailes); and by its own fraying journalistic standards. At the height of its power, the AMMP (the American Mainstream Media Party) helped validate the civil rights movement, end a war and oust a power-mad president. But all that is ancient history.

The Anchoeress offers her thoughts on the demise of the Mainstream Media, and offers a prediction on Academia:

... the MSM is not dying because of George Bush's Republican Party, or because of Roger Ailes. . The MSM is not dying because of Rush Limbaugh or talk radio. The MSM is not dying because of the Internet - although, admittedly, the blogs have wounded them. No, the MSM is dying specifically and wholly because of those "fraying journalistic standards," the ones which have been "fraying" since at least the Reagan presidency.Those "fraying journalistic standards" came to my attention during the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings and caused me to turn rightward, and I wasn't alone. The MSM (and the Democrat party) are not dying because President Bush prefers not to allow a press that palpably detests him to filter his words, his message and his vision.

They are dying for two reasons:

1) They have for too long been unaccountable to anyone.

2) They lack diversity of thought and therefore have become a cautionary tale of what happens when you lack a "two-party" system - you collapse from your own ponderous weight, a weight built of excessive ego, confidence, cynicism and (you know I'm going to say it, because it always comes down to love or hate with me) too much freedom to unconditionally love and hate.

The same collapse of culture is going to happen very soon on college campuses, and for the same reason: where diversity of thought and openness to new ideas is suppressed, energy goes negative, then stagnant. What is stagnant begins to stink; it becomes unhealthy, then unusable.

I agree with Fineman that the MSM has become a political force almost like a political party. However, the MSM is more monolithich than a political party. Citizens have no opportunity to join MSM Party, so for years, all we could do was yell at the TV. Blogging is an opportunity to yell at the TV and to actually have the TV repsond. That's what happened with the Rathergate Affair, and with the reelection of President Bush.

The same goes, and will go for Academia. Blogs and websites such as Anti-Chomsky and David Horowitz' Front Page are getting the word out about the totalitarian abuses of Academia. I believe the Anchoress is right. An "insurrection" is afoot. "Militants" will soon began to "voice" their "resistance" to the "occupation" of their "territories" (read college campuses). They will demand their "right of return", and before you know it, the Academic "entity" will be overthrown.

It shall be fun to watch.