Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The UN And
The Face Of Modern Anti-Semitism

From Melanie Phillips:

The indefatiguable and beady-eyed UN watcher Anne Bayevsky pens a sharp and salutary corrective to the UN's PR stunt on Holocaust Day. As she points out, the fact that it marked the liberation of Auschwitz, with many pious imprecations of 'never again' and so forth, was a startling departure from its normal stance towards the Holocaust -- ignore or deny it, and towards the Jews -- libel and attack them with maximum prejudice in order to delegitimise the Jewish state. Bayevsky suggests that the whole performance was designed to repair the battered image of both the UN and Kofi Annan in the wake of the oil-for-food and Congo sexual scandals. But far from any real change, the UN is remains as bigoted and vicious towards the Jews as ever:

'Widening the lens, we notice that last month the U.N. adopted 22 resolutions condemning the state of Israel, and four country-specific resolutions criticizing the human-rights records of the other 190 U.N. member states. Also in December the public entrance of the U.N. sported the annual solidarity with the Palestinian people exhibit, featuring a display about Palestinian humiliation at having to bare midriffs at Israeli checkpoints. (No mention was made of the purpose of the checkpoints or the Israelis who have died from suicide belts on Palestinians who circumvent them.)

On exactly the same day that the secretary-general announced the holding of the commemorative session, January 11, 2005, he also pushed forward the U.N. plan to create a register of the Palestinian victims of Israel's non-violent security fence. (There are no plans to create a register of Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism.) In March the U.N. will begin its annual session of the U.N. Human Rights Commission, at which Israel will be the only U.N. member state not allowed to participate in full because U.N. states continue to prevent it from gaining equal membership in a regional group.
The U.N. remains without a definition of terrorism, never having transformed the names of Palestinian terrorists from abstract entities into the targets of specific U.N. condemnation or consequences of any kind. And any day now we can expect the secretary-general to continue his pattern of denouncing Israel's lawful exercise of self-defense as "extrajudicial killing" or as a morally reprehensible contribution to "a cycle of violence." In other words, U.N. demonization of Israel and the green light to the killers of Israelis that such demonization portends will not skip a beat. This is the face of modern anti-Semitism'.

The UN's slick and cynical performance over Auschwitz will make it even more difficult to persuade people that it is endemically prejudiced towards Israel and the Jews. And even though oil-for-food and the Congo scandals remain as undeniable evidence of its corruption, the world still refuses to face the unpalatable fact that its representative body is not a force for good on this planet but a powerful force for bad.

I have never understood the world's sympathy for the Palestinian's complaint about the "humiliating" checkpoints. We have checkpoints here, at airports, amusement parks, stadiums, sports arenas, etc. Basically, we have checkpoints at places where we anticipate terrorist acts to be carried out.

Given the fact that all of Israel has been the target of terrorist acts, perpetrated specifically by Palestinians who have crossed into Israel from the Palestinian territories, it is not at all out-of-line, or surprising, that Israel would have checkpoints at it's borders.

As for the wall, people who oppose seem to imply that it is something akin to the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was built to keep people in. The Israeli wall is being built to help keep people out until they have been checked for explosives. How is that evil?

Besides, Israel is not the only country in the world building walls. Europe has been working on a couple of walls themselves recently, as has Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, and several others. So, why is Israel the only one condemned? Well, why do you think?