Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why I Write Screaming Memes

Hi, Pastorius here. Screaming Memes began as a character I made up to contribute to the comments section of The IraqWarWasWrongBlog. Memes' name was originally Screaming Memes Dreams.

As I conceived him, Screaming Memes was a guy with a trust fund, an advanced college degree, little practical understanding of the world around him, and far too much time on his hands. His hatred of the United States Government is really just displaced anger, at his wealthy Manhattanite parents, for ignoring him.

When I began the Screaming Memes website, the idea was to spoof the "Bush is Hitler" crowd. To my mind, equating George Bush with Adolph Hitler is outlandish, hateful, and bordering on anti-Semitic.

The question the Screaming Memes blog addresses is, if George Bush is the equivalnet of Hitler, and he really is trying to institute a totalitarian regime within the borders of the United States, what would it look like? Would he send the military into the streets of our major cities to "keep the peace"? Would there be mass arrests? Would there be absolute repression of the media? Would he be formulating clandestine plans, and completely preposterous resaons, to invade other nations?

I was inspired to do Screaming Memes by my anger at "anti-War" protesters, and "Peace Activists" here in the United States, and by the foreign press, as revealed to me on the blogs Medienkritik and No Pasaran. When I am angered by something that I can not change, I find it best to diffuse my anger through humor.

Here are some examples of what has inspired me to write Screaming Memes:

Protesters. See the sign that girl is carrying., and the "anti-War" movement. You'll notice, in that last link that this ridiculous "Bushilter" meme has permeated the foreign press, and has been promoted by officials of foreign governments as well.

I find it horrifying, to tell you the truth, that so many people in positions of power and responsibility, are so unhinged from reality. If our leaders, media, and intellectual elite do not deal in reality then we stand the chance of slipping into a real Hitlerian chaos. In other words, I am convinced the danger comes from those who would spread the uncredible "Bushitler" meme, not from George Bush, or the United States.

So, I hope people will enjoy the Screaming Memes blog, in the spirit in which it is offered.

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