Monday, May 23, 2005

Activists and Members of Parliament
Call for Israel's Destruction in London

From Melanie Phillips:

So now the pretence is stripped away. In London on Saturday, an unappetising collection of leftists and Islamists -- including George Galloway, called for the destruction of Israel. As the Jerusalem Post reports, there was no more pretence that the issue is the 'occupation' of the territories, or the security barrier, or the 'oppression' of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. They want Israel utterly destroyed.

Andrew Birgin of the Stop the War Coalition called for 'no more Israel' which was inflicting worse repression on the Palestinians than the South Africans under apartheid. Can people really be so stupid and ignorant, about both Israel and South Africa, as to believe this? (Yes they can).

The Palestinian representative to the UK, Husam Zomlot, said: 'The right of return is non-negotiable! Apartheid no more!". We look forward to this principled opponent of apartheid denouncing the ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Palestine advocated by the Palestine National Covenant.

Galloway declared: 'It's about time that the British government made some reparations for the Balfour declaration,' thus pointing his verbal knife straight at Israel's jugular, while Tony Benn called George Bush and Ariel Sharon the 'two most dangerous men in the world' and said 'if this process continues, there will be possibly some sort of a world war' -- which considering that we in the west are currently defending ourselves from a world war being waged by a series of genocidal fanatics backed by genocidal tyrants leaves one not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

The Balfour Declaration was a letter written by British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour, to Lord Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, stating that the United Kingdom supported Zionist plans for a Jewish national home in Palestine. When Galloway delegitimizes the Balfour Declaration, he is delegitimizing the state of Israel itself.