Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Iranian TV Says
Zionists Kidnap Babies To Harvest Their Organs

From Memri, via Little Green Footballs:

Producer of Anti-Semitic Iranian TV Series "Zahra's Blue Eyes": A White Zionist Ship Sails Around the World, Kidnapping Babies to Use Their Organs

The following are excerpts from an interview with Ahmad Mir-'Alawii,who produced the anti-Semitic TV series "Zahra's Blue Eyes." Sahar TV, Iran aired the interview on February 8, 2005 in Farsi with Arabic voiceover. This translation is from the original Farsi:

Ahmad Mir-'Alawii: We have presented only a small portion of the Zionists' crimes. During our work [on the film] we received information-- even from Jews sympathizing with our point of view. They themselves were anti-Zionists. These were monotheistic Jews. They gave us information that made us regret the film had been completed. I wish we had this information before we made the film.

Oh Zionists ... In this film we treated you more than fairly, when we presented you as taking out their eyes in an operating room.

There is a white ship sailing the oceans. It doesn't enter the territorial waters of Iran or similar countries. Our Arab brothers must look out for this ship. In it [the Zionists] hold children only one or two years old, who don't know anything. These are children no one cared for. They are kidnapped by various means under the pretext of wanting to take care of them. These children are held on this ship, and no one knows their fate. They become teenagers, not knowing what their fate will be. They receive the best medical care and are under constant physical monitoring and supervision. Why do [the Zionists] give them such care? To use them for medical purposes. They use the heart, the kidneys, and their other organs.

The film is not entirely documentary. This story is the product of research we conducted and information we collected from every corner, and pieced together to compile this story. This story is a collection of facts. As I mentioned, we conducted research and reached conclusions, and we have turned them into this film to make the world aware of what the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians.

Click here to see a video cut of "Zahra's Blue Eyes."

Nazi Germany comes to mind, doesn't it?