Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jihadi "Minutemen" Attempt To Blow Up Children ...

From Little Green Footballs:

These are the people the reactionary left calls “Minutemen” and “freedom fighters”—gangs of barbaric savages: Deadly Car Bomb Explodes Near Iraq School.

Residents called police about a suspicious-looking car parked opposite the Dijlah Junior High School for Girls in Alwiyah, near eastern Baghdad’s well-known Withaq Square, a Christian neighborhood. As bomb disposal experts approached the vehicle, it exploded and killed six bystanders, said police Capt. Husham Ismael.

Three civilians and one policeman also were injured. No students were believed to be among the casualties.

“May God seek revenge for those who were killed or injured!” an elderly woman screamed outside a hospital where casualties were brought. “We hope that such killers be killed or perished as they kill our youth. Those killers are against homeland, against Islam.”

Just remember, in the interest of being open-minded, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.