Sunday, May 22, 2005

Newsweek Tells Japan
America Is A Dead Rotting Corpse

From Little Green Footballs:

LGF reader rickadams translates the cover text:

The red text at the left just above the “Newsweek” logo says:
“America forsaken.”
The big white and yellow text says:
“The Day America Died — The ideal of ‘freedom’ falls to the ground due to Bush continuing in office.”

From Riding Sun:

Newsweek's false, retracted story about American guards flushing the Koran down a toilet at Guantanamo doesn't necessarily mean the magazine's staff hates America or Bush, or wants us to lose in Iraq. To be charitable, let's just chalk that one up to sloppy journalism.But I'm at a loss to explain this, from the February 2 issue of Newsweek's Japanese edition.

As you can see, the cover story shows an American flag, dirtied and tossed in a trash can, its staff snapped in two. The large white text reads, "Amerika ga shinda hi", which translates to "The day America died."The equivalent international edition of Newsweek, the January 31 issue, featured a picture of Bush on the cover, with the caption "America Leads ...But is Anyone Following?" Go to Riding Sun to see the picture of the American Newsweek cover.

... a cover-story article by Andrew Moravcsik, titled "Dream on, America". (This was translated into Japanese as "Yume no kuni Amerika ga kuchihateru toki", which is even harsher; it means, roughly, "America, the dream country, is rotting away".)

According to Newsweek itself, the article described "the world's rejection of the American way of life." Moravcsik's article did not run in the American edition of that same issue. The cover was also a bit different. It featured Hilary Swank, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx, with the title "Oscar Confidential" Go to Riding Sun to see the "Oscar Confidential cover.

If you look carefully, you'll see that one of the articles from the other two editions is mentioned in a small blurb at the top: Fareed Zakaria's "High Hopes, Hard Facts" — here billed as "A reality check on Bush & 'Freedom'". Sure, they put scare quotes around "Freedom", but pretty tame stuff, all things considered.

It's one thing for Newsweek to actively promote the notion that America is a "dead", "rotting" country overseas. But it's quite another thing indeed to hide those efforts from its American readers. If Newsweek really thinks America is dead, and our flag belongs in the trash, why won't it tell us?

I'm at a loss for words. Maybe it's just my mood, but my reaction to this news is similar to my reaction to September 11th. That is, all I can think to say is, "Why do they hate us so much?"

Well, if September 11th made me want to defeat the Islamofascists, you can imagine how this makes me feel.

Not that my feelings really matter. How does everybody else feel about this?

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