Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Practical Application Of War

From The Astute Blogger:

[The 20th Century was] a century that saw far more people murdered by governments than killed in wartime 169M to 36M, by one estimate...

SO: when we FAIL to intervene against socialist tyrannies, we err on the side of GENOCIDE. It SAVED LIVES to defeat Hitler. If we had marched on to Moscow in 1945 - it would have SAVED LIVES. If we had intervened MILITARILY in Rwanda, it would have SAVED LIVES.

And I believe that making war against tyrants like Mugabe and Fidel and Chavez and Kim and the mullahs would not only end their TYRANNY but SAVE LIVES, and lift the people up to lives of liberty and prosperity.

That makes me a libertarian hawk. And a HUMANITARIAN who wants to SAVE LIVES.

BOTTOM-LINE: WAR WORKS. I think this is further proof that the DOVES OF THE LEFT (since Vietnam days and all the way to the anti-Iraq War folks) have been "anti-war" because they're on the other side, and not because they want to save lives.

How do you like my totalitarian sounding title?