Thursday, June 02, 2005

Amnesty In Wonderland:
Painting The Roses Red

Amnesty fell down the rabbit hole, and now black is white, and white is black. From Publius Pundit:

Go to Google News and search for stories about “human rights abuses xxx” where xxx is the name of a country. Let’s see the results as of this moment.

United States: 2,740
Iran: 374
China: 824
Sudan: 400
Zimbabwe: 265
Belarus: 39
483Burma: 68
Saudi Arabia: 142
Nepal: 232
Syria: 90

Cuba: 1,330 — because that’s where Guantanamo is.

So while the press covered 2,740 stories on American “human rights abuses,” it only covered with 2,917 stories combined those of some of the most degenerate regimes on the planet. Where, exactly, do the priorities of Amnesty International and the mainstream press lie? For more, let’s not forget the similar Human Rights Watch report from earlier in the year.