Monday, June 27, 2005

Being There

From the Astute Blogger:

Since the Fall of the Wall, the Left is deep in the thrall of cognitive dissonance and denial. WHY? Rather than admit they've witnessed the demise of their ideology - and rather than "move on" (you should pardon the expression!) - the Left denies, denies, denies, and attacks, attacks, and attacks with inane vitriol. Here are a few examples of one of the most common and inane defensive refrains the Left employs - COINICDENCE:

(1) Reagan sent Pershing's to Europe (the Left protested) and the USSR collapsed - and then the Left said: "COINCIDENCE! The USSR collapsed of its own weight."

(2) Congress - under Clinton - "changed welfare as we know it," reforming it and cutting it. Abuse, waste, and an "anti-personal-independence" attitude were demolished; yet, poor people DID NOT stream on to the streets (as the Left predicted). IOW: IT WORKED, and the Left cries: "COINCIDENCE! The economy grew, and that took care of it."

(3) Mayor Giuliani ramped up police efforts and got tough on ALL criminals, and crime DROPPED. And the Left cries: "COINCIDENCE! Demographics did that!"

(4) After 9/11, George W. Bush cut taxes (and contrary to what the Left predicted) the economy grew; (by the time of the last election 1.5 million payroll jobs had been created). And the Left cries: "Coincidence! It's just a phony expansion fueled by a housing bubble."

(5) Bush declares that democracy and universal human rights will be the focus of USA foreign policy; he liberates 50 MILLION people, and foments democracy or democratic movements in dozens of countries; he liberates Afghanistan, and Iraq; he forces the Palestinians to have real elections; Kuwait enacts universal suffrage for women; Egypt makes positive changes for the first time EVER; Lebanon gets rid of its occupiers (after 25 years!) and has its first elections; Gerogia and Ukraine elect free democratic governments, and even Saudi Arabia starts to change for the better. And yet the Left cries: "Coincidence! Arafat and Hariri died; that caused the changes!"

Go read the rest.

Note that the Left castigated Republicans, with extreme vitriol, in each of these instances. I was on the Left through most of them, so I have memories of being one of the chorus of vicious naysayers.

As far as I was concerned, Reagan was a stupid, doddering old man who was going to bumble us into nuclear holocaust. Newt Gingrich was a profoundly selfish man who didn't care if the poor all died.

Well, actually I liked Giuliani because I've always kind of been medieval on crime.


But, yeah, the Left is going to think about how it is that all these idiotic evil people keep making things better with their policies.

It strange, isn't it?