Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bushitler: The Interview

With thanks to The Anchoress for pointing the way to this quote from George Bush, from the London Times:

PRESIDENT BUSH will celebrate his 59th birthday in Scotland on Wednesday, the first US President to go north of the border since Eisenhower.

Despite staying at a famous golf course, he feared that there would be no time for a game. But he hoped to walk the links with his wife, Laura. “Maybe she and I can walk a round together, holding hands in the Scottish mist.”

George Bush is over in Scotland this week to attend the G8 Summit. While he's on the European continet, the Euros will once again get to see what kind of man the President is.

The Times also ran an interview and a transcript of the interview. The transcript is filled with the famous Bush incoherency; line segment sentences which criss-cross in broken geometry, and never quite seem to follow one from the other. But let's look at some outakes, shall we? That way we will get the pure, unadulterated Bushitler.

First, there's this, where he rambles on about Africa and menacingly quotes from the Bible:

Hopefully we'll talk the freedom agenda. I think we will. I know we'll talk about Africa. I look forward to talking about Africa. We got a great record in Africa, and the reason we got a great record in Africa is that I believe that, in the admonition, "To whom much has been given, much is required."

See? We live in a theocratic police state. Help us, Europe. We need you. The next thing we know, the Chimp will be shoving that freaking Bible down our throat, forcing us to memorize that quote. The Horror:

INTERVIEWER: Billions of dollars flow out of the US every year in trade and aid to the developing world. And that figure, as you mentioned, has risen significantly on your watch. But having said that, the US Government still gives only .16 per cent of its GDP to overseas aid. Is that enough? And have you got anything else to offer?

PRESIDENT BUSH: We will have -- we'll make some more commitments. First of all, the way I like to describe our relationship with Africa is one of partnership. That's different than a relationship of cheque-writer. In other words, partnership means that we've got obligations and so do the people we're trying to help.

He wants to make the Africans serve him. The cowboy is going to make them dance while he shoots bullets at their feet. He's a racist. He would never require anything from anyone else. And besides, all this talk of partnership is really just a way to give as little as he possibly can. The minute the Africans don't live up to his "partnership" he will cut off the flow of money, and blame it on them:

... when it comes to African growth and opportunity, GOAL (Growth and Opportunity Act) it is. It's an aggressive trade pact that President Clinton started and I, with Congress, and then I signed extensions to it. It's working.

The devious Bush is working in legion with his evil minion Bill Clinton the Fascist:

Our approach, as well, has been when we see disaster, let's move in to help people. Recently, I announced a $674 million food package. I could proudly proclaim at the G8 that the United States feeds more of the hungry than any nation in the world.

There he goes again, wielding his hegemony:

INTERVIEWER: On the other main G8 topic, climate change, do you believe the Earth is in fact getting warmer, and if so do you believe that it is man who is making it warmer?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I believe that greenhouse gases are creating a problem, a long-term problem that we got to deal with. And we are -- step one of dealing with it is to fully understand the nature of the problem so that the solutions that follow make sense.

And I think one of the interesting points that I made earlier that I'll continue to make, is that there's an interesting confluence now between dependency upon fossil fuels from a national economic security perspective, as well as the consequences of burning fossil fuels for greenhouse gases.

And that's why it's important for our country to do two things.

One is to diversify away from fossil fuels, which we're trying to do. We're leading the -- I think we're spending more money than any collection of nations when it comes to not only research and development of new technologies, but of the science of global warming. You know, laid out an initiative for hydrogen fuel cells. We've got a lot -- we're doing a lot of work on carbon sequestration. We hope to have a zero emissions coal-fired electricity plants available for the United States as well as neighbours and friends and developing nations.

Yeah, yeah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

He is so an idiot.

But wait, then there's this:

I'm a big believer that nuclear power ...

Yeah, the power that comes from nuclear weapons. He doesn't want Iran to have a nuclear reactor, but he wants to build nuclear power plants in America. But wait, read this frightening bit of news:

... the newest generation of nuclear power, ought to be a source of energy and we ought to be sharing these technologies with developing countries.

Do you think that's a threat? That sounds like a threat to me. What does he mean by share?:

I mean it just goes on and on like that. Bushitler embarrassing us on the international stage. Using the G8 summit to exert his imperialistic hubris all over the place.

I just hope the Europeans will forgive us.