Sunday, June 05, 2005

China May Find That Killing Girls
Not Good Domestic Policy

From Fjordman:

While the U.S., India, Russia and Japan may maneuver to limit China's expanded reach, there are several domestic liabilities that could potentially limit Beijing's ability to gain its presumed position in the region.

China's "one child" policy may have created a society with far fewer workers than necessary to care for a population that will be dramatically weighted toward the elderly in the coming decades. Under the "one child" policy, male children were favored over females. Soon there will be an abundance of young men with no prospects for marriage. This could prove to be a destabilizing factor.

China has recently begun to emerge as a great power, but much of this power is derived from the perception that its rapidly expanding economy will continue to raise the boats of its neighbors. Should China's economy begin to sputter, this newfound power could rapidly dry up.

Gee, do you think? You mean China's decision to limit the birthrate isn't a good idea? You mean aborting, killing, or abandoning your female children will produce an imbalance in society which will eventually lead to a combination of lethargy and outlaw behavior on the part of it's males?

Who woulda thunk it?

Oh, by the way, everybody, I recommend reading Fjordman. He's got one of the best blogs around.