Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Conflation Is Out Of Control

From the Astute Blogger:

... the Left seems to continually use analogies and metaphors instead of deductive reasoning and rational arguments. I have described this as the "IS/AS Conflation" because it is typically most obvious when someone treats an analogical comparison ("that man sings like a bird") as if it had an ontological verity (that man who sings like a bird is a bird.


"The USSR had secretive prisons known as gulags; Gitmo is LIKE a secretive prison; therefore Gitmo IS a gulag." FOR ANOTHER EXAMPLE CLICK HERE.).

A.N. Whitehead called this logical error "The Fallacy of the Misplaced Concreteness."

Part of the Left's predilection for mistaking the "poetic" for the "real" is the result of the fact that Leftists are leading practitioners of (victims of?) post-modernism - which is not only anti-West and anti-bourgoise, but anti-reason.

I have long argued that people who have a psychological diathesis for conflating "is" with "as" are more prone to being suckered by post-modernist mumbo-jumbo and swept up by Leftist ideology - and it best explains why Leftism persists even though it has utterly failed everywhere and everytime it has ever been tried. It persists because people who are illogical find it satisfying.

You know what I think? I think people on the left confuse the word "literally" with "literarily."