Saturday, June 04, 2005

Fighting Silence With Silence
Are The Police in Denmark Afraid of Muslims?

Longtime CUANAS reader and commenter, DS, has checked in with a report on the mood in Denmark:

Europe slowly die to the muslims. France is as good as dead, but in more strict countries, like Denmark, there is tendence to rebellion.

Lately, a doorman killed one muslim and hurted another one (brothers). Appearently a group of ten people came up to the doormand with shovels, bottles, and other similar weapons to beat him (properly to death, if no one succeded in interfering). The reason simply was that, though the muslim brothers and the doorman was "good friends", the doorman won't let them in the club (he was doing his job). The family is now hidden because of the threats. A note is that you aren't allowed to carry weapons in the Denmark, so he must have feared for his life.

Some tendency in Denmark is also that more people seams to achieve guns, and policemens also use the guns more often. However, the policemens still are afraid of the muslim gangs (and mostly attack bike gangs and hashish pushers, who don't randomly beat up people walking the street), why most people have little respect to the police. People also do more and more civil arrests.

Hopefully it won't be too late when Europe finally wake up, and see what's going on.

DS' assertion that the police are "afraid" of the Muslims is given credence by a report from The Copenhagen Post, via Fjordman, which seems to confirm his version of the events:

Nørrebro is a quarter in Copenhagen with an extremely high concentration of immigrants. It has been unofficially declared an "Islamic state" by some of its residents:

Nørrebro clams up on gang shootings

Police investigations of recent shootings and gang violence on the streets of Copenhagen are going slow, as members of the Nørrebro quarter's immigrant community with connections with criminal gangs have clammed up, the police said.

In recent weeks, two men have been killed in street shootings. An injured gang leader was subsequently freed by a group of masked men from the State Hospital, where he was under police surveillance.

Police said the silence in Nørrebro about the incidents was deafening, and they were replying in kind. 'We are still investigating many things in relation to the cases, but none of it will be released to the public for the time being. The criminals are not to know what we are doing, and we know from experience that some information can harm the investigation, when we talk about these extremely closed groups,' Chief Inspector Ove Dahl told daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Shootings and gang violence on the streets of Copenhagen in recent weeks demonstrate that the city's plan to integrate disadvantaged teenagers has failed utterly, Social Democratic councillor and integration spokesman Thor Grønlykke said on Thursday.

Grønlykke said his own majority in the city council had not managed to carry out its plan to integrate disadvantaged ethnic minority youth in the immigrant quarter of Nørrebro and prevent them from forming criminal gangs.

I love the line about how the silence in the Norrebro neighborhood is "deafening" and the police are "replying in kind." I know they didn't mean to say that they are fighting silence with silence, but you know, it fits with DS' characterization that the police fear Muslims.

Maybe it's a Zen thing. You know, like, if the gangs are silent, and we become silent, maybe we will all achieve enlightenment, and come to know that our strivings are futile, for we are all one.