Monday, June 06, 2005

German TV Show Says Bush Planned 9/11

A Report on German Television network ARD, from Medienkritik:

The ultimate insult to our intelligence: Germany's primary state-run television station (ARD) alleges the Bush family's involvement in the 9/11 WTC attacks. I watched the Sunday night prime-time "Tatort" movie in stunned disbelief. "Tatort" is an enormously popular murder-mystery series that has been running in Germany for 35 years.

Read our Heidelberg friend DL's commentary on this awful piece of demagoguery:

On the evening of June 5th 2005 the state-funded network ARD broadcast a 90-minute episode of Tatort. The word means “scene of the crime” and it is a long-running murder mystery series watched by millions. The episode ("Scheherazade") concerned a woman who claimed that a man was murdered in her apartment. Not just any man, however.

He was one of the pilots on September 11, 2001. According to the story, he failed to board the plane he was supposed to hijack in Boston and he returned to Germany instead. The mystery revolved around the fact that in spite of the woman’s murder claim, the police could not find a corpse and the two detectives on the case spent most of the show trying to determine whether the woman’s story was believable.

Throughout the mystery the woman was chased by groups of unidentified villains who were out to kill her because she had a CD with photographic evidence of the Boston hijacker who got away. The subtext of the plot was her explicitly stated allegation that 9-11 was instigated by the Bush family for oil and power. The hit men were CIA/FBI types and the TV audience is led to believe they were the ones who killed the pilot and were now after the woman to insure her story would never be known. The conclusion of the mystery has the detectives believing her story as she escapes the CIA by fleeing to an unnamed Arab country.

There are many urban myths that qualify as conventional wisdom in Germany, especially among people under 30. That the 1969 moon landing was faked goes without saying. Now the German left wants you to know that it was Bush who planned and executed 9-11. Michael Moore, your residency papers are waiting.

TV audience for Tatort's "Scheherazade" was 7.27 million (source: ARD). That's 7.27 million Germans more who know about the Bush family's evil empire...
Update: Bill from "Dawson's Danube" has watched "Scheherazade", too. And he's very frank about it. He calls the Tatort movie "sickening and pathetic":

Simply put: German public broadcasting, which is supported by a mandatory fee that all televison owners must pay, celebrated the 600th episode of one of their most successful programs by broadcasting a story that fully and unambiguously supported 9/11 conspiracy theories that place the President of the United States and those around him at the center of a plot to purposely bring about "their" Middle East war.... the show's producers always included beautiful and melancholy Arab music... Message: Arabia/Islam good, innocent, peaceful, soft, misunderstood, unfortunate; America powerful, wicked, murderous, deceitful, evil.