Sunday, June 26, 2005

How To Contain And Destroy Islamofascism

In a brilliant analysis, Hugh Fitzgerald at Jihad Watch says Islamofascism can be contained, in a manner similar to that which we used to contain Communism. Here, in excerpted form, are some of his ideas. (If any of the points presented here seem incomplete, or unfair, go to his article and read the complete idea):

The "containment of Communism" worked. Communism collapsed in the Soviet Union, and before that in Eastern and Central Europe, and is now coming undone in China. Why? It collapsed because a sufficient number of people realized it was a farce and a failure, a failure in the very area -- the delivery of material wellbeing to the masses -- where it had most insistently promised it would be a success.

Who created the conditions for that failure to be perceived? The United States, and with the United States, other Western powers that countered Soviet propaganda and produced propaganda of their own, that did everything they could to check Soviet power once they came to their senses in the late 1940s ...

This can be done, more slowly, more deliberately, with Islam, and the Jihad that is central to Islam. The Infidel lands and peoples must first learn about Islam -- not from Muslims, or for that matter from non-Muslim propagandists, some of them hirelings, others ideologically wedded to Islam perhaps because it is now the most obvious vehicle of expressing one's hatred of, and alienation from, the Western world and, especially, the United States.

They must thoroughly understand the texts. And then they must learn about Muslim conquest of non-Muslim peoples, and how those peoples were, in time and space, treated. And they must learn the kinds of things that Muslim apologists -- including those who are the most effective of all, the smooth-tongued "moderates" who, while seeming to denounce this or that terrorist act, will immediately be defensive about Islam itself, try to convince unwary Infidels that "Islam" has "nothing to do" with this, whether it is bombs going off, or the murder of apostates and others, or the mistreatment of women.

Here are some basic principles for that policy of containing Islam:

1) Recognition that the presence of large numbers of Muslims is a security threat and one which Infidels need not inflict on themselves. All over Western Europe, it is dawning on people, or rather has already dawned and they are furious that the ruling elites are pretending such a problem does not exist,

2) Recognition that the oil wealth that has provided Arab and Muslim OPEC members with nearly $10 trillion in undeserved revenues since 1973 is what finances the world-wide Jihad. It pays for weapons. It pays for weapons projects. It pays for mosques, for madrasas, for propaganda. It pays for the vast army of hirelings, all over the Western world, who have for too long been allowed to make propaganda for the Saudis and others -- hard propaganda, and soft.

3) Diminishing the oil wealth is not enough. All Infidel aid to Muslim countries, all transfers of wealth that have been based on a misunderstanding, and the belief that "Poverty" is the problem or at least, if Muslims are made richer (ideally, just like Muslims in Saudi Arabia) they will calm down, and turn to other things – all this must stop. Not only is there no evidence for it, but all the evidence suggests the exact contrary. Money in Muslim hands will inevitably damage Infidels. "Poverty" is not the problem; the ideology of Islam is the problem.

4) Make it impossible for the Arabs and Muslims to acquire major weaponry. Any WMD anywhere in the Muslim world, however seemingly friendly or benign the regime, cannot be tolerated. It is a threat to all Infidels. Make it much more difficult, if not entirely impossible, and certainly much more expensive, for Arabs and Muslims to buy the fruits of Western technology, or to obtain access to Western education. They should no longer believe they can buy whatever they want from the very Infidels they despise ... A barrel of Saudi oil that now costs $1 to lift sells for $50. Fine. The next time Saudis wish to get medical care at a Western hospital, let them be charged accordingly ...

5) Let the rich Arabs and Muslims know that their property in the West is not permanently safe, and that it may be seized -- as the property of German nationals was seized by the American government in World War II.

6) Counter-Jihad: as the Americans during the Cold War paid for Encounter magazine, or for special publishing houses that produced emigre Russian literature, and subsidized Die Monat and other publications, they can do the same today. Where is the American money that will subsidize publication of various studies of Islam by the greatest scholars of the past, who did not mince words? Who will establish, with secret funds, broadcasting stations where apostates from Islam, defectors from Islam, can tell the stories of why they left Islam, and tell those stories not only in English, but in Farsi, or in Urdu, or even in Arabic?

7) Identify those populations whom the (Islamofascists) have themselves identified as particularly vulnerable to being "turned" into the Army of Islam. These populations -- such as prisoners, or immigrant populations-- targeted by Muslims for conversion -- need to be targeted as well by those who regard Islam as a menace, and wish to inhibit its growth.

8) Wherever there are natural fissures within Islam, or wherever such fissures can be created -- as by removing Western aid, and forcing Egypt, Jordan et al to go hat in hand to the rich Arabs of the Gulf, which can only increase intra-Arab tensions let them widen. Do nothing to narrow them.

Fitzgerald then goes on to make the point that we should let the fissure between Sunni and Shiite Islam play itself out in Iraq. I think the reality is we are setting the table for it to do just that, by giving them a Democratic Republic within which to work out their disagreements peacefully. If they are not able to do so, the internecine war that Fitzgerald seems to believe is inevitable will surely happen.

I agree with the principles of containment Fitzgerald has outlined here. However, I see an error in his vision of trying to contain Islamofascism throughout the world. In containing Communism, we did not contain all Communism. We attempted to contain the spread of Communism, and it's control under the empire of the Soviet Union. In other words, we picked an enemy and we kept the attack on until we beat that enemy.

I never have understood it when people have said that we ended Communism. We didn't. We ended the Soviet Union. Communism is still alive in such places as China, North Korea, and North Viet Nam.

With that in mind, I must say, I think the Bush plan of setting up a Democracy in Iraq aims at doing exactly what Fitzgerald states in Principle 8; that is, a Democracy in the Arab world will exacerbate natural fissures in the Arab world. In fact, it has already done so.

That is what the "insurgency" is all about. The "insurgents" are largely Iraqi Sunnis, or Wahabbists from Saudi Arabia, who are killing Shia and Kurds. In other words, it is Islamofascists killing Muslims, under the ideology of Islamofascism.

This does not play well on the street, as you can imagine. The Shiites comprise 70% of the Iraqi population, yet they were oppressed by the Sunnis who enacted an apartheid government under Saddam Hussein. When their people are targeted in suicide bombings in the streets of Baghdad, the Shiites don't blame the problem on America. They know from experience what the problem is. It is Islamofascism.

This is the secret the world's media is trying to keep hidden from us by using the word "insurgency." Ask yourself, what sense does it make for an "insurgency" against America to attack it's own people? The answer is the "insurgency" is not against America, other than in the sense that the Americans are attempting to help Iraqis install a Democracy under which Sunnis would have to share power instead of horde it as they have done for so long.