Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Inequities In The Public Perception
of the Middle East Conflict

I came across some interesting thoughts on the state of affairs in the Middle East Conflict. For instance, here Clifford May points out that Jews aren't welcome in the Palestinian territories. Via The Supernatural Blog:

Only a radical would argue that Israel should not have such Arab citizens. And yet what passes for the moderate view holds that a future Palestinian state must be Judenrein – ethnically cleansed of Jews. Indeed, even “moderate” Jordan has a constitutional provision specifically prohibiting Jews from becoming citizens.

This is true. Israel does have a sizable Arab population which contributes to the culture and economy. And no one argues that the Arabs should be expelled from Israel.

The media never makes this point clear, but instead promotes the idea that there is a moral equivalency between the Palestinian Authority and the state of Israel. In fact, contrary to the propaganda which calls Israel an apartheid state, Arabs vote and sit on the Knesset; the equivalent of America's Congress.

Meanwhile, any Jew who buys land and builds a house in the Palestinian territories is called a "settler," not a citizen, with the implication that they they are invaders. In fact, Palestinian leadership demands the "dismantlement of the settlements."

It's hard to understand how there could be such an inequity in the viewpoint presented by the media, isn't it?

The next point was brought up by CUANAS commenter, Behind-the-Scenes.

Mr. the-Scenes noted that he saw the female sucide bomber who tried to blow up a hospital, interviewed on TV the other day:

She was asked "u had no problem killing innocent civilians?". She paused and then said "and what are we, terrorists?" and laughed (sarcastically implying thereby that Israelis are invaders, not civilians, and therefore she is not a terrorist).

Well, she IS a terrorist .

... given that (no Israeli) goes to their streets, takes an automatic rifle and sprays everybody he sees with automatic fire she has no right to treat Israeli civilians in a different way.

Yet the Palestinians do blow up and gun down everyone in sight (and used to do it daily just 2-3 years ago) and Israel never retaliated in kind. Odd that nobody seems to notice that...

Yeah, odd.