Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Is It Permissable For A Muslim To Lie
In The Court Of The Infidel?

From Dhimmi Watch:

GREENSBORO -- All Syidah Mateen wanted was to give Muslim witnesses the chance to be sworn in on the Quran before testifying in Guilford County courtrooms.

But an attempt by the Greensboro Islamic center to donate copies of the Muslim holy text last week sparked a legal debate that has left state court officials scrambling to decide whether to allow the practice.

Officials with the Administrative Office of the Courts in Raleigh are trying to come up with a statewide policy on the issue before news of the controversy sparks a large outcry, spokesman Dick Ellis said....

An AOC lawyer's preliminary opinion last week said that state law allows people to be sworn in using a Quran rather than a Bible, Ellis said. But that conflicts with the view of top Guilford County judges, who told officials with the Islamic center Friday that they won't allow the practice in their courtrooms.

"An oath on the Quran is not a lawful oath under our law," Guilford Senior Resident Superior Court Judge W. Douglas Albright said earlier in the week. He sets policy for the county's nine Superior Court courtrooms.

That's an interesting observation. America is a Judeo-Christian nation, and our Constitution was written with that idea. However, we did establish separation of Church and State with the first admendment. (I recognize that my fellow CUANAS writer, Publius, might disagree with me on this). In our society, a person is supposed to be free to practice his own religion. If he or she then chooses to be a Muslim, then it is silly to have them swear on a Bible, when they don't even believe in it.


But, Robert Spencer makes an interesting point, when he quotes from the Koran:

"Any one who, after accepting faith in Allah, utters Unbelief - except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in Faith - but such as open their breast to Unbelief, on them is Wrath from Allah, and theirs will be a dreadful Penalty." (16:106)

And then adds:

... what if they are uttering unbelief under what they consider to be compulsion, in line with the verse above? This is just one element of a much larger problem: in relations with unbelievers, the Qur'an simply doesn't teach the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is, as we see from the above verse, permissible to lie to unbelievers. Other values come in for a similar treatment: for believers, they are upheld, but for believers alone.

That is a very good point. But, the problem is not going to be fixed by having Muslims swear on the Bible, which is not, to them, the final word of God. If they agree with the above-cited verse from the Koran, then it doesn't matter if they are swearing on the Bible, the Koran, or on the Satanic Verses, they aren't going to tell the truth if it doesn't help their cause.

So, what are we going to do about it?