Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Islamofascists Propaganda Machine

Here is Neo-Neocons reaction to the Koran urine-splashing story of a few days ago:

As I went to my computer today, and my home page came up (Yahoo news), and I saw that the lead story (AP, naturally) was headlined, "U.S.: Gitmo Quran Was Splashed With Urine," I felt (and still feel) the strangest combination of weariness and anger.

I have become convinced that these stories will continue until the MSM gets what it wants.

What it wants seems to be the election of Democrats. What it may get instead is the undermining of Western civilization and the tradition of the Enlightenment.

Sorry to be so gloomy, but this story crossed some line I didn't even know existed, with its absurd and self-destructive digging up and flaunting and trumpeting of anything--anything--that could get the US, Bush, and the military in trouble. Next it will be dust: "two US military personnel let dust blow on the Koran at Gitmo," and thoughtcrime, "Five Guantanamo guards lusted in their hearts about defecating on the Koran."

Lost in the whole thing (of course!) is the fact that these prisoners are given Korans in the first place.

The Islamofascists can cut back on their budget for propaganda. The US press is doing the job far better than they ever could.

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I know Neo-neocon was in a particularly crank mood when she wrote this. I hope she doesn't mind that I have excerpted her anger and displayed it for all to see. I think it is appropriate. Hopefully, she does too.

By the way, I just added Neo-Neocon to my blogroll a few weeks back. I hope everybody is reading her work. She has one of the finest, most thoughtful blogs on the net.