Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Libertarian Links

There is an important and enlightening discussion going on over at Dave, that started with thoughts on the 10 Commandments case, and morphed into a more general discussion on Libertarianism. Read the whole post and the comments section. You will have fun. If you don't come back here, and I'll write something twice as fun to make up for it.

Meanwhile, over at the Kafir Constitutionalist, Tom has some thoughts on why, what leftists like to call "political hate speech," is a natural outgrowth of the politics of coercion, which sprouts from socialism like mushrooms from a pile of ... well, you know.

Q and is a "Journal of New Libertarian Thought" which is worth checking out.

And then, there is, where you can download some of the great ones works gratis. You can't get much more Libertarian than that.