Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Note About Jihad Watch

I have long been an admirer of the work of Robert Spencer. His website Jihad Watch is a never closing eye trained upon the Islamofascist Jihad. Mr. Spencer reports the truth behind the evasions, slanders, and obfuscations reported in the mainstream media.

However, sometimes Robert Spencer reminds me of the policeman who has seen too much of the dark side of people. Sometimes Robert Spencer seems like he has no faith in our common humanity, which I believe was created by God.

For instance, Jihad Watch employs a man by the name of Hugh Fitzgerald who wrote the following on January 28th, 2005 (three days before the elections in Iraq):

The adventure in Iraq, which in its First Stage (the war to locate and destroy major weaponry and arms stores, and to overthrow one of the most sinister dictators around) was justified, in its Second Stage (bringing "democracy" defined merely as a counting of heads, which in turn will inevitably lead to --- what, exactly?) of the "Light-Unto-the-Muslim-Nations Project is a colossal misallocation of men, materiel, money ...

That's right, three days before the election in Iraq, Jihad Watch was calling for us to pull out. Whereas, I agree with George Bush that the desire for Freedom beats in the breast of every man, Jihad Watch seems to believe that evil ideologies will forevermore dictate the will of men once they give in to them. In short, I believe the light overcomes the darkness and Jihad Watch seems to believe that the darkness can win.

I have refrained from linking to Jihad Watch on my blogroll as a result of this basic philosophical disagreement. When Jihad Watch has presented information which I thought was important, I have linked to it through the links of other sites, such as Little Green Footballs. I have also linked to sites such as Gates of Vienna which also trains it's eye on the Islamofascist Jihad.

However, I must admit, no other site is as tireless as Jihad Watch. In fact, the only other group of people in the world who do seem to be as tireless as Jihad Watch are the Islamofascists themselves.

And, for this reason, as I sit and watch the Islamomaniacs redouble their efforts in Iraq, and kill more and more of their fellow Muslims everyday, I have decided to throw my hat in the ring with Jihad Watch.

Please understand that I do not agree with their all of their stances. However, I find them to be an accurate and necessary source of information. And for that reason, I want to thank Robert Spencer, and the other people at Jihad Watch, for their good work.