Saturday, June 04, 2005

Our War With The European Mindset, Part 1

You will notice that I have had an atypically difficult time laughing at Europe regarding the demise of their Constitution. In spite of the fact that I think it is a good thing that France and Holland rejected it overwhelmingly, I just can't find any glee. I have said that I think a united Europe would be a good idea. As I have said repeatedly on this blog - although it may be easy to forget amid all the sarcasm and vitriol which I direct at the Old World - I don't hate Europe.

I think of Europe as our older partner in Western Civilization. I honestly don't know if England, the US, Australia, Japan, and India can maintain Western Civilization without Europe. Honestly, I fear that our culture may be doomed if we aren't able to keep our European brothers afloat.

But, how do you talk a culture, already under the influence of ether and an overdose of sleeping pills, into finding the will to live. We can only pump their stomachs so much, and too much of the dose has already taken effect. At some point, it is completely up to them. Sink or swim. Fight the urge to give in, or drown into death.

Having said all that, let's look at the facts. In World War II we fought against Germany, Italy, and Vichy France. I'm sure a lot of people would take exception to the idea that France fought against us, but there is little doubt that much of the French population was on the side of the Nazi's.

And unfortunately, it is that way to this day. That may seem to be a very extreme statement, but it isn't when you really look at the tide of history. If you had polled the populations of Germany and France in the 1930's, they would not have agreed with Hitler's proposal (stated in Mein Kampf) to completely obliterate the Jews of Europe. They wouldn't have agreed with his imperialistic desires. They wouldn't have agreed with the extremity of his views on Euthanasia.

But, they would have excused them.

The people of Europe sat back and said, "Well, Hitler doesn't really mean everything he says. He's just blowing off a lot of hot air. You have to understand the German culture. That's the way they are. But, they would never really go that far."

These are the same things which are said of the Islamofascists today. I was discussing the death of the Jew-hating Hamas leader, Sheikh Yassin, with a European relative of mine and, in doing so, I condemned the Guardian for it's fawning obituary of him. Hearing my opinion, my relative offered all the excuses I layed out above. I must understand that the Arab culture has a "bombastic" speaking style. They don't really want the Jews dead. They don't really intend to take the entire land of Israel.

"But, it says that that's what they intend to do in their Charter," I protested.

"Well, they don't really mean it"

Oh yeah. Ok.

During World War II, the European Philosopher, F.A. Hayek, sat down and contemplated the ideologies of Western world, in an effort to discover how nations, which had thought of themselves as relatives, had suddenly blown up in a blaze of hatred for each other. Here's what he said:

"When the course of civilization takes an unexpected turn - when, instead of the continuous progress which we have come to expect, we find ourselves threatened by evils associated by us with past ages of barbarism - we naturally blame anything but ourselves.

Have not all our efforts and hoes been directed toward greater freedom, justice, and prosperity?

If the outcome is so different from our aims - if, instead of fredom and properity, bondage and misery stare us in the face - is it not clear that sinister forces must have foiled our intentions, that we are the victims of some evil power?"

... we all are, or at least were until recently, certain of one thing: that the leading ideas which during the last generation have become common to most people of good will and have determined the major changes in our social life cannot have been wrong.

We are ready to accept almost any explanation of the present crisis of our civilization except one: that the present state of the world may be the result of genuine error on our own part, and that the pursuit of some of our most cherished ideals has apparently produced results utterly different from those which we expected.

... we must not forget that this conflict has grown out of a struggle of ideas within what, not so long ago, was a common European civilization, and that the tendencies which have culminated in the creation of the totalitarian systems were not confined to the countries which have succumbed to them.

As we watch Europe struggle with it's possible futures, and deny the Islamic population bomb in it's midst, and tell us that we don't really have an enemy, that instead we have just invented the war out of imperialistic hubris, we should remember that Europe did the same thing in the 1930's. They struggled with their future, would it be democratic, or totalitarian? They denied the danger of Hitler. And they castigated Churchill for his warnings against the menace in their midst.

The only difference between then and now, is that the European mindset has been inculcated within the United States, and has gained frightening force in the world of the American media and Academia.

So now, we, here in America, sit in the very same position that F.A. Hayek described Europe as being in in during the leadup to World War II. We are drastically divided in ideology. Half of us want America to win the war, and half of us think there is no war to be fought.
Those who think there is no war to be fought are ideologically in league with the Europeans. They deny that Iraq was a state-sponsor of terrorism. They deny that Iran, or Syria, are a threat. Many aren't even that concerned that Iran would aquire nuclear weapons. "After all, they are a sovereign nation. Who are we to tell them what to do?"
The really shocking thing is how many seemingly reasonable people even think the Afghanistan War was wrong. That it was only fought in order to clear the way for the establishment of an oil pipeline controlled by America.

As ludicrous as these ideas sound to us who live in middle America, these are not rare notions. They are rampant in the world of Academia, and among memebers of our media. If you ever wanted to understand why it is that the media behaves the way it does, constantly trying to dig up dirt on our military - about Abu Ghraib, about Guantanamo, about one soldier shooting one unarmed Jihadi in a mosque - I will give you the reasons.
The American Media and Academia are virulently angry with America. To them the Bush Administration is an arm of the "Bush Crime Family." The war is an illusion created in the interest of imperialism. It was planned prior to 9/11. In fact, 9/11 was just a nifty opportunity. There were no WMD's. Saddam was not a threat. It's all about oil.

The thing we fail to take into account is that these people really mean it. "It's all about oil" is not just a slogan to them. They really believe that Bush started a $300 billion war so that he and his cabal of cronies in the White House could make off with the $7 billion a year Iraqi oil industry.

If one believes such a thing - that Bush would purposely endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, and waste hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money in doing so - then yes, Bush is among the worst tyrants in the history of the world. And indeed he would also have to be one of the most malevolent dictators of all time, in order to have enacted such a blackout in the media, because this info just isn't getting out to us, is it?

Why am I going in to all this, and what does it have to do with Europe? Hayek explained that the nations of Europe hadn't seemed that different from each other during the leadup to WWII. Sure, there were differences of opinion between them. But the reality was that even nations like Britain contained within them, sizable constituencies which were in agreement with the other nations of Europe, such as Germany and France.

So today, a significant portion of the population of Europe and America agree with the Islamofascists, that America really is imperialistic, that Capatalism is evil, that American culture is poisoning their pristine worlds, that the Jews are pulling the strings of American foreign policy, and that American really did get what was coming to it on September 11, 2001.

But, why would our friends and neighbors align themselves with the Islamofasicsts? It's well-documented that the Jihadi ideology calls for death to the indidels and the Jews, the adulterers, homosexuals, and apostates. It calls for the destruction of Democracy, the sujugation of women, the suppression of free speech, and the end of art and music.

Surely, our friends and neighbors do not agree with such ideas. No, it couldn't be. No one want to see the destruction of Democracy, do they?

Think again. The truth is most of us do believe that our society is immoral in one way or another. Most of us do see things in our culture with which we disagree, and which we would like to change. And many of us would be willing to subvert the will of our neighbors in order to put society right, if we could just find a way to do it.
And there are ways to do it. There are always methods for getting things done, if we are willing to use them.