Monday, June 06, 2005

Stealing the History Of The Jews

From Little Green Footballs:

JERUSALEM (APF) - Police stormed into Jerusalem’s disputed mosque compound after hundreds of Palestinians threw stones at a group of visiting Jews as Israel commemorated its capture of the entire holy city.

The clashes came with Israel on high alert for possible attacks either by Palestinian militants seeking to mar the 38th anniversary of the capture of east Jerusalem, or by Jewish extremists opposed to the planned Gaza Strip pullout.

Police said trouble flared when a group of Israelis began a guided tour of the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound, which also shelters the Dome of the Rock, and is revered by Jews as the Temple Mount.

“A small Jewish group of about 10 to 15 people started a tour. Hundreds of young Palestinians came out of the mosque and started throwing stones at the Jewish group,” a spokesman said Monday.

Some protestors removed their belts and tried to hit the Israelis before police broke into the compound and fired off stun grenades.

“One Palestinian was arrested when he tried to hit the Jews with stones and two Israelis were hurt and taken to medical treatment,” said the spokesman.

Holocaust denying Palestinian “president” Abu Mazen blames the violence on Israel, of course.
Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas denounced what he called unwarranted violations of the sacred site. Police banned all visits to the compound.

“We are used to this. The Israeli government and the international community must put an end to these serious and unjustified violations that risk reaping regrettable consequences,” Abbas told reporters in Ramallah.

Violations? Jews show up at the site of the temple of King Solomon, and it is a violation of Muslims? Excuse me? Muhammed was born over fifteen hundred years after Solomon died. In other words, the Jews were there first. So, how is it a violation of Muslims?

Well, I guess anything goes when a society has no respect for history. From Melanie Phillips:

In the Jerusalem Post, Max Singer makes a point that has long seemed to me to be absolutely central to the campaign to delegitimise Israel. It is painfully apparent to anyone who attempts to set out the facts about the Arab war against Israel that whatever evidence is brought forward is dismissed – because of the widespread belief that the Jews stole the land of Israel from the Palestinians. So no matter how many Israelis are murdered, or how nefarious is the Palestinian Authority in concealing its real intention to destroy Israel, people brush it all aside because they think Israel stole the land from the Palestinians.

This is, of course, historically illiterate. There was never an Arab country called Palestine. For about 400 years the Jews had sovereignty in what is now Israel and the West Bank, despite losing parts of it to foreign conquest, until they were finally driven out in 135 CE. It was the Romans who renamed Judea Palaestina to expunge all traces of the Jews.

The land of Israel was stolen from the Jews, first by the Romans and then by the Arabs. Jews did not conquer Arabs; Arabs conquered Jews. Jews did not ethnically cleanse Arabs from the land; Arabs ethnically cleansed Jews. Even so, a continuous Jewish presence remained in Palestine. Israel was not created in 1948, but restored. As Singer writes:

‘The disputed land, we should remember, became available in 1920 when its former sovereign, the defeated Ottoman Empire, was removed. The League of Nations heard the dispute between the Jews, represented by the Balfour Declaration of Great Britain, and the Arabs living in the land, represented by other Arab countries. Aware that the Jews had ruled the land in ancient times, had no other homeland, and were displacing no existing state, the League decided that the Jewish people should be invited to settle the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea as its homeland.

The Arabs, including the Palestinians, never accepted this decision - which has never been rescinded.

‘Israel's rights are not perfect or exclusive, but they are certainly strong enough so that it does not come to the table as a "thief of Palestinian land." The Palestinians' claims may be strong enough to justify giving them some of the land they want. But since the Palestinians have never been rulers of the land, it could not have been stolen from them. Palestinians, therefore, are claimants, not the victims of theft.

The claim that the Dome of the Rock is a Holy site of the religion of Islam is based upon a dream that Mohammed had, where he flew through the skies of his sleep and landed in Jerusalem.

So, he had a dream and now the Jews are supposed to stand by and let Muslims throw rocks at them when they visit the Temple Mount? Does that make any sense?