Friday, June 10, 2005

There's No Riot Goin' On

The Anchoress on the Koran-desecration scandal:

What emerges. if you want to see it, is a stunning portrayal of just how sensitive to Muslim concerns the United States HAS been in this war. “The exception proves the rule,” Hinderaker wrote.

I wonder if that is why we read a report last week (and I wish I’d kept it when I read it) that some in the press were surprised that after all of its breathless articles continuing the “Korangate” narrative and the release of Hood’s report, there were no additional rounds of riots and discontent in the “Arab street.”

Perhaps the Muslims read the same information the US Press read, and what they saw, overall, was a policy of unprecedented care being taken, by America, to honor the beliefs of those who want to cause mayhem within her borders.
Seems to me it would NOT behoove the hyper-sensitive and somewhat hysterical media and the Western Left to ultimately find themselves more critical of US Policies and Procedures on this matter than are her enemies.

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