Saturday, June 18, 2005

Those Islamofascists Get Me So Angry
All I Can Do Is Smoke
Like An Pissed-Off Frenchman

From Female First UK:


U2 frontman BONO was horrified during a visit to Ethiopia, when he saw local women pelting a breast-feeding aid worker with stones.

The American woman was oblivious of the offence she was causing, and had to escape the angry onslaught from female Muslims who had no qualms about injuring her or her baby.Bono recalls, "I remember one vision of the people who are with WORLD VISION, which is an American aid agency.

"One of the women was breast-feeding a child on the horse. She was so comfortable. She didn't mean to be insensitive.
"But the Muslim women did not like this and came out and started throwing stones at her because she was showing her breasts."

I like Bono (it's a childhood habit) but he seems like a human being peculiarly constructed to take this kind of affront in stride. I bet it doesn't change his worldview one bit.

Well, he might decide to take off the Batman necklace, but other than that ...

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