Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tough Love
Two Important Points About The Middle East Conflict

Right Wing News featured an interview with journalist Mark Steyn today. He was asked a question about what we can expect to see resulting from the Israeli plan to withdraw from Gaza His answer is worthwhile, because he's been to Gaza, so he tells us what he has seen and not seen on the ground:

John Hawkins: So how successful do you think the Israeli strategy of walling off the Palestinians will be?

Mark Steyn: I haven’t spent a lot of time in “Palestine,” but, when I have, I’ve never seen any sign anywhere in Gaza or the West Bank of anything remotely resembling a "nationalist" movement. There’s plenty of evidence of widespread Jew-hatred and the veneration of death-cult "martyrdom," but not that anybody’s seriously interested in building a nation for the “Palestinian people.”

So if you leave it to the Palestinians there's never going to be a state, only decade after decade of suicide bombings.

One can advance reasons for this - it's no coincidence that the most comprehensively wrecked people on the face of the earth are the ones who have been wholly entrusted to the formal care of the UN for three generations now. But,
the fact is what Israel is doing is the only thing that will force the Palestinians to get up off their allegedly occupied butts and run a state:
the Israelis are walling off what they feel they need, or what they can get away with, and it will be up to the gangsters of Arafatistan to see if they now feel like dropping the jihad and getting on with less glamorous activities like running highway departments and schools.

In other words, Steyn says,

1) The Palestinians don't want a state

and therefore,

2) the only way to stop their Intifada is to force them to take responsibility for themselves, rather than rely on others.

In other words, like we need to treat the Palestinians like self-destructive teenagers.