Thursday, June 02, 2005

What Is The Difference Between a "Militant"
And A Military Force?

The Palestinian military sent five undercover troops into Jerusalem on an incursion the purpose of which was to detonate two bombs in the Ramot neighborhood which houses the families of civilians. Israel's Shin Bet security forces thwarted the attack. From

During the operation which led to the arrests, the security forces also seized the two explosive devices that were to be used in the attack. The two would-be suicide bombers have yet to be apprehended, Haaretz said.

The bombings were allegedly planned by Islamic Jihad cells based in the West Bank towns of Tul Karm and Jenin. The same network was responsible for the February suicide bombing at the Stage nightclub in Tel Aviv that left five Israelis dead.

Since then, security forces have arrested dozens of members of the network, which has continued to plan additional attacks, including some that have been foiled.

Security forces made their first arrest in connection with the suicide bombing plan, on Monday, apprehending Bethlehem resident Iad Fuajara, 27. He was arrested on his way back to Bethlehem from Ramallah, where he had met with another activist in the network, Mohammed Radad, 24, from the village of Tseida, near Tul Karm.

Well, that sounds like good news. Once again Israeli forces have thwarted efforts by the Palestinian military to commit genocide against innocent Israeli citizens. And, they have made arrests.

But, what does Israel do with those they arrest?

They release them back into the hands of the Palestinian military. From Melanie Phillips:

In the light of the foiled double human bomb attack planned for Jerusalem today, Israel’s release of almost 400 Palestinian prisoners might appear to be the even more potent suicidal enterprise. As Ha’aretz reports:

‘The Islamic Jihad network from the Tul Karm and Jenin areas is said to be behind the planned attack. The same network was responsible for the February suicide bombing at the Stage nightclub in Tel Aviv that left five Israelis dead.
In the wake of the Tel Aviv attack, Israel delayed the second round of prisoner releases. In the past, Israel has refused to release prisoners who have not served two-thirds of their terms, but 93 of the detainees had only completed a fraction of their sentences. Some of the prisoners released were charged for attempted shootings, preparing explosives and assisting attempted murder.'

The release of the 400 completes Israel’s promise to release a total of 900 prisoners as a goodwill gesture. There cannot be many nations in the world who, when the enemy is still attacking them, would set a total of 900 enemy combatants free to continue to attack them as a goodwill gesture. Predictably, the Palestinians said this gesture was not enough.

The key point is this. Israel made an obligation and is standing by it. The Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, by contrast, has done virtually nothing to meet his obligation — which is supposed to stand prior to anything Israel is required to do — to dismantle the Palestinian infrastructure of terror; and yet he is not being held to account.

Because he is not Arafat, because he wears a suit and speaks softly and talks about an end to the culture of violence, the west is happy to take him at face value. Big mistake.

Why does Melanie Phillips say "Big mistake?" Because Abbas is not just the leader of the Palestinian's he is also the hand behind the terrorists. Why do I say this?

Let's read and understand his words, from the Jerusalem Post:

"We stopped the culture of violence and the Palestinian people have started looking at it as something that should be condemned and it should stop." Asked on ABC whether the suicide bombing era had ended, he said: "I believe it is over."

"But Pastorius," you say. "That sounds like good news." You're right. That does sound like good news. But, let's read the very next sentence of the report:

But he warned that if progress toward a peace agreement was not achieved in meetings with Sharon next month, "despair and loss of hope will come back and a return to the old ideas" of armed resistance.’

See, that's what you call a threat, my friends. And, if you don't believe, then make it personal. If your neighbor was threatening your family over a dispute about your property line, and he one day came to you and said, "The fighting is over. I have put an end to it, so that we may go on and fix this problem." But then, in the very next sentence, he says, "But be warned if progress isn't made in settling our dispute, then we will return to our 'old ideas.'"

Do you see? If a person said such a thing to your family, you would suddenly understand the meaning very clearly. The beautiful garments of diplospeak would fall away, and you would see the shrieking skull of murder which lies beneath.

Mahmoud Abbas is merely playing a game of good cop/bad cop. He is the nice detective cop, who wears the suit, and shows you his badge in his wallet, when he comes in and says, "I just want to ask you a few questions." But, if you don't give him the answers he believes are forthcoming, then he excuses himself from the room. When he has left and the door has closed, the bad cop comes in.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and his very own Fatah forces are the Bad Cop. When Abbas doesn't get his way, they send in the "martyrs" who detonate bombs laced with nails and rat poison. And they set off these bombs in restaurants, and on buses filled with children on their way to school.

Let's cut the crap people. If Abbas is working in tandem with the terrorists (and the evidence shows clearly that he is) then the "terrorists," "insurgents," and "militants" are the Palestinian military.

Now, what does a country do when another country sends it's military across the border and proceeds to kill people? The answer is, they declare war, and they fight until one side gives up and accepts the terms of peace.

It seems to me that if the Palestinians can't manage to "dismantle the infrastructure of terror," then Israel is going to have to face facts, and understand that they are under attack by the "state" of Palestine itself.