Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What Is Not Allowed In Iran

Robert Spencer finds that NBC11 didn't tell the whole story in this piece about Iranian Christians in America:

Hundreds of people gathered for a special dedication of the Iranian Christian Church in the South Bay. It is the largest one in the Bay Area. Nearly 600 Iranian Muslims who converted to Christianity attend the church.

It allows women to serve as pastors, something not allowed in Iran.

Spencers comment:

You know what else isn't allowed in Iran? Conversion to Christianity. It was good of NBC11 to notice their little blow for women, but it would have been nice if they had told the good folks in the South Bay about the Sword of Damocles these converts escaped. If these 600 Iranian ex-Muslims were still back home, they'd be facing death sentences for their act of conscience.

... based on a notorious statement by the Muslim Prophet Muhammad: "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him" (Sahih Bukhari, 9:84:57).

In the United States these converts can live freely as Christians. Yet dhimmi spokesmen will still praise the diversity of the Islamic world over that of the West.