Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Which Is Stupider?

From the Anchoress:

I don’t see the need for a constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning. It seems like major surgery for what requires a compression wrap and a shot of “grow-up.”

Burning the flag is stupid. It is moronic. It is infantile. It is the sort of thing they do in places where America is hated. Some might say you can “love” America and still burn the flag in protest, but I have met a few flag-burners in my day and I never knew a one of them that wasn’t all about simply being a part of something “happening” and provocative. And a few of them regret it, now, all these years later.

Nevertheless, I cannot support this amendment. I think it too is stupid. And moronic. It is the sort of suppressive and insecure thing they do in places where - ironically - America is being asked to bring freedom. Places like Cuba, fer instance.

I’m happy to see the Anchoress and I come out on the same side on this issue.

As I said with regards to the Koran desecration issue, the flag is an object. It stands for something sacred, but it isn’t sacred itself. To try to assert that it is, is to lapse into idolatry.

I agree; flag burning is stupid. When a person burns the flag they show themselves to be stupid. Let's just leave it at that.

Honestly, I don't know which I think is stupider, burning the flag, or being so afraid someone will burn our flag that we need to amend our countries central document to make us feel safe.

Actually, I think I do know which is stupider.