Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The BBC Proclaims,
"My Terrorists Boys Are Good Boys"

In LA, it seems that whenever some idiot gang member unloads an AK into a house, killing a baby in a crib, or a ghetto kid just starting college, the media will trot our some woman in a moo moo who will opine of her murderous son,

"My boy didn't mean to do it. My boy is a good boy."

Well, it seems the BBC has become that woman in a moo moo. The BBC is making excuses for the terrorists who attacked London:

Now that the bombs have exploded, and thousands of newspaper pages and entire days of air time have been devoted to the horror of it all, and to the poor, decent people who are dead and missing, and to the misguided criminals responsible, perhaps we can stand back from it all and catch our breath.

See? They're good boys. They're just misguided.