Thursday, July 14, 2005

British Reject French Proposal for
Surveillance of Mosques

French Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy suprised the EU yesterday by calling for across-the-board surveillance of all European mosques:

British Home Secretary Charles Clarke has poured cold water over a French proposal to control all mosques in EU in the aftermath of last week's terror attacks in London.

Clarke told a press conference after the extraordinary session of the EU Justice and Home Affairs ministerial Council in Brussels Wednesday evening that French interior minister Nicholas Sarkozy had made the proposal in the meeting.

"He (Sarkozy) has to think what is best for the security in France.

From my part, in the UK, we are considering the position of some of the preachers in certain circumstances because it is necessary to do so," said Clarke.

"But I think that to move to an overall position that says surveillance is the right way is a big step that we will need to consider very carefully."

"It is important that in everything we do we work with the legitimate mainstream Muslim community," stressed the British Home Secretary.

Clarke said the Muslim community in Britain are committed to working very strongly to protect the democratic system.

Can you imagine the caterwaul if an American of high political office made a similar proposal?