Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Condemning Terrorism Is a "Defamation" Of Islam

What happens when the United Nations sits down to hammer out a definition of terrorism. Well naturally, the Islamists get angry and accuse the UN of an attack on Islam:

Commenting on this censorship, Roy Brown, President of IHEU (International Humanist and Ethical Union) said:"This is part and parcel of the refusal by the Islamic representatives at the UN to condemn the suicide bombers, or to accept any criticism of those who kill innocent people in the name of God.

These actions follow the refusal of the Islamic states at the meeting of the Commission in April to condemn those who kill in the name of religion, and to categorise their attempts to criticise Islamic terrorists as "defamation of religion".

"It is high time", Mr Brown insisted "that the Islamic States at the UN recognised that the suicide bombers are acting in the name of their religion, and to unequivocally condemn their actions."