Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Demons Turn on Each Other

As happens with the demons in the beginning of Paradise Lost, the various factions of our Islamofascist enemy are increasingly turning on each other. From Arab News:

Most of those killed yesterday were Egyptians. It is impossible to fathom the terrorists' warped thinking, but they clearly think that ordinary Egyptians, like ordinary Londoners, are disposable.

Theirs is not just a war against the Egyptian economy and government, it is a war against the entire Egyptian people, as it is against all the people of Britain, of Spain, of Lebanon, of Iraq, of Indonesia, of the US - of everywhere. The terrorist is at war with the entire world.

Take note; that is a Muslim criticizing the Islamofascist terrorists. And he's doing so in a newspaper which is known to defend terrorist tactics on many occasions. This is very good news.

This is what war does: It splits people into stark groups. The evil people will find other evil people to side with. Then, eventually the evil people will fall to fighting against each other. And then, it is easy to defeat them.

In World War II, Hitler and Stalin made a pact, but eventually they broke ranks and attacked each other. By the end of the war, Hitler ordered his troops to destroy Germany itself, because he believed the German people had proven themselves weak, and not deserving of an intact nation.

We are seeing the same thing in the Middle East. The Shiites, and Sunnis, and Wahabbists are fighting against each other. And they are fighting against the common people. In the Palestinian territories, Hamas and Fatah are fighting against each other.

I guess the wise thing would be for us to figure out how to give them even more reason to hate each other, so that we can sit back and let them finish the war for us.