Sunday, July 03, 2005

Diversity and Tolerance In The Muslim World

From Jamie Glazov at Front Page Magazine, via Dhimmi Watch:

The Muslim community is as diverse as any other group, culture and community? Please.

When there are Muslim women from the Muslim world freely competing in sports and in the Olympics, get in touch with me. When they are free to become prominent intellectuals and critics in their own society and receive material and cultural rewards for being prominent dissidents, get in touch with me. When they are free, if they so choose, to engage in Muslim beauty pageants, get in touch with me.

When Muslims throughout the Arab world start creating the most hilarious self-critical stand-up comedy routines, get in touch with me. When Muslims create heated and controversial talk shows, books and films, where free opinions startle and provoke thought on all limits, and the creators are not hiding in desperate fear of theirlives, get in touch with me.

Again, is there a fight happening for the soul of Islam? Yes. Must we support Muslims, like groups such as The Free Muslims Against Terrorism? Yes. But please spare me the absurdity of the Muslim community being as "diverse" as any other community. When Jews and Christians rise in its ranks and become members of it on many levels and realms, like Muslims have done in the West, get in touch with me.

In the old Islamic empires, Jews and Christians who attained political influence were often the target of violence and resentment by Muslims. Today, Christians like Tariq Aziz, the former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, have risen in power only in states where Islamic law has been set aside.

When you can name me ten fatawa, off the top of your head, made by tenfamous Muslim clerics against bin Laden within this "diverse" community, get in touch with me. Yes, of course these fatwas exist, but why are they so few in number and what effect have they had on widespread support for Islamic terrorists within the Islamic community worldwide? Does this not say something about "diversity" in the Muslim community?

Kindly also spare us the nonsense about the Islamic "tolerance" that was practised in medieval Spain. Newsflash: it never happened. Robert Spencer has meticulously delegitimized this myth in his Ch. 7, "The Modern Myth of Islamic Tolerance," in Onward Muslim Soldiers.

Note, Glazov points out that the only Islamic societies in which Jews and Christians have risen in the political and social ranks are those wherein Islamic Law has been set aside. In the post below, I made the point that without Western ideas, Islamic society lacks the ability to achieve scientifically. This piece by Glazov shows that strict Islamist society also lacks the ability to be diverse and tolerant.