Monday, July 04, 2005

Dude, This Is The Greatest Thing, Ever,
In The History Of The World

The editors at the British newspaper The Mirror must be smoking some awfully strong weed, as they do not seem to be able to remember as far back as three weeks ago. Here's the news this morning with regards to the Live8 concert and it's impact on the G8 Summit as reported on

Two billion people watched 10 rock gigs worldwide to demand aid and justice for poverty-stricken Africa. Organiser Bob said: "It's now for the leaders to act." But Live 8's global call to end poverty in Africa was greeted by G8 leaders yesterday with the cynical sound of silence.

Leaders of G8 nations Russia, France and Germany met in the Baltic Sea port of Kaliningrad to discuss summit strategies. But Africa was not on the agenda. Vladimir Putin, Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroeder also failed to mention Live 8 or Africa in their press conference later.

Meanwhile President Bush insisted the US already "led the world" in helping Africa.
Astonishingly, he claimed America did not need to give any more to beating poverty as individuals were so generous at charity.

But, the thing is, with the United States leading the way, the major economic powers already decided, just a few weeks back, to forgive $40 Billion dollars in African debt. From the Daily Herald:

LONDON -- The world's richest countries agreed Saturday on a historic deal to write off more than $40 billion of debt owed by the poorest nations.

Now, the weed I smoke isn't as strong (well actually I don't smoke weed), so I am aware that there is a distinction between forgiveness of debt and aid. And, in fact, one of the issues on the table at the G8 Summit is whether the nations will pony up a $50 Billion aid package to African countries.

That would be nice, wouldn't it?

The thing is, whether it's aid or debt forgiveness, it all comes out of the same bottom line, doesn't it? Well, anyone who has ever been responsible enough to have money, owe money, and to have money owed them, would understand that anyway.

But Leftists like the idea of government taking care of their needs, so they don't bother thinking about the intricacies of monetary transactions. And truthfully, I am left with the impression that people in the world of journalism simply get their check, trek down to the bar and buy themselves drinks until they run out of cash, because clearly they don't understand economics.

So while the U.S. and other economic powerhouses of the world have just written off $40 bills, the crybaby Lefties are mad, mad, mad. They are distraught. Because after all, this Live8 thing is, like, a spiritual thing to them. You know, of epochal proportions. I mean, you can't even believe it, dude.

For instance, Chris Martin, lead singer of the band Coldplay said of Live8, "[This is] the greatest thing that's ever been organized in the history of the world."

Well, when Lefties are all worked up in a spiritual lather like that, maybe we should consult the Saint of the Left; Bono.

Uh, Mr. Bono, what do you think about Mr. Bush's clear disregard, and really, sheer contempt, for the world's poor?

Bono: Well, I think [President Bush has] done an incredible job, his administration, on AIDS. And 250,000 Africans are on antiviral drugs. They literally owe their lives to America. In one year that's being done. … Yes, there's a lot of pressure on President Bush. If he, though, in his second term, is as bold in his commitments to Africa as he was in the first term, he indeed deserves a place in history in turning the fate of that continent around.

'Nuff said?