Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Faction of United Church of Christ
Calls Proposed UCC Resolutions Anti-Semitic

This morning Dhimmi Watch brings us the news that a faction within the United Church of Christ is fighting against that church body's efforts to pass resolutions calling for divestment from Israel at the churh's biannual synod, which is currently taking place in Atlanta, GA.

UCC delegates from New England are calling for "selective investment" in pro-peace groups in Israel and the Palestinian Authority instead of punitive financial measures called for in the resolutions, which are expected to be brought for a vote on Monday.

Dexter Van Zile, spokesperson for the Judeo-Christian Alliance, said he fears the resolutions would "weaponize Christian theology to demonize the Israeli state."

"The resolution that calls for Israel to dismantle the separation barrier, but offers no call for an to end the terror attacks against Israelis that made it necessary, is on its face, racist. 'Anti-Semitic' is too scientific, too polite a word for that resolution," he said.