Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hamas Rejects "The Mixing of the Sexes"

This might be a good thing, if it would ensure that they wouldn't breed.

I've got to say, one thing that's good about the Islamofascists is they give us ample and unceasing evidence of their stupidity. Here, in a post fromthe BBC, via Little Green Footballs, we find that Hamas is banning a summer music festival in the West Bank:

A Hamas-led town council in the West Bank has banned outdoor music and dance performances planned as part of a summertime Palestinian festival.

A Qalqilya council spokesman said it was partly to avoid damaging the grass. But he also said the council had been elected to protect the conservative values of the city, which included not approving of men and women mixing.

In May the militant Hamas won the West Bank town's elections, ousting the mainstream Fatah party.

Outdoor plays and concerts are being held across the West Bank this month as part of the Palestine International Festival.

"We were elected by a segment of people that wants us to preserve the conservative values of the city," council spokesman Mustafa Sabri told Reuters. "The prevailing values reject mixing of the sexes. The people of Qalqilya have praised our move."

So, there you have it. Hamas comes out against music concerts and the mixing of the sexes. Does that sound familiar? Does the word Taliban ring a bell?

One of the things that is so perplexing to me about the worlds insistence that the Palestinians need a state is that they have already shown us what kind of state they would establish. An Islamofascist Theocratic Death Cult.

Why would we want to add that to the mix? We already have the ambassadors of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Sudan sitting in the UN, do we want more of their like wielding votes?