Monday, July 25, 2005

Is Oriana Fallaci A Racist?

The Economist says Oriana Fallaci is a kind of racist:

THERE is nothing al-Qaeda would like more than for Europeans to turn on Muslims in their midst, uniting fundamentalist militants with those who are neither fundamentalist nor militant. In that sense, Osama bin Laden won yet another victory this week with the publication of another hate-filled, anti-Islamic diatribe by an Italian writer who has become noted for such diatribes: Oriana Fallaci.

Over the past three years, the 76-year-old Ms Fallaci has carved out a role as the voice of what might be a new European racism—were race, not religion, her primary cause.…

I say she is not. However, I will admit that Ms. Fallaci, whom I admire, makes two crucial "errors" which Leftist appeasers use to corner her intellectually. The "errors" she makes are:

1) conflating Islamofascism with the Islam practiced by peaceful Muslims who believe in giving and receiving love from both Muslim and Infidel alike. I know there are Muslims like this, because I have met them personally.

2) conflating the historical threat that Islam has posed to the Western world with the Islam of every single Muslim. Once again, there are peaceful Muslims.

I believe Oriana Fallaci knows that there are peaceful Muslims. However, it is not her point.

Her point is that, historically, Islam has been on a 1,300 year long Jihad. When the Jihadists get beat back, they retreat and take time to regroup, but they always return to try, once again, to spread their religion by conversion or by the sword. Whichever need be.

All one has to do is read history, and read the Koran itself, to see this is true.

As it is true, it is fair to say that Islam itself, is a threat to the Western world.

Ms. Fallaci uses this conflation for the powerful effect it allows her to make with words. When one reads Ms. Fallaci's work, one is struck by the directness of the language. There is no equivocating. There are no disclaimers (as you find on this site) to impede the impact of her warnings.

In short, I think Ms. Fallaci is a necessary voice, because it doesn't much matter that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, if those peaceful Muslims won't stand up against the Jihadis in their midst. If they won't turn those in who would kill their neighbors.

I will continue on with the disclaimers here on CUANAS, even though they do break up the rhythm of my paragraphs. Even though they impede the directness of my language.

The reality is, I hold out hope that, one of these days, the Islamofascists will kill the wrong Muslim, or just too many Muslims, and that finally, the good, peaceful Muslims around us will be shocked into the reality we Westerners were already shocked into; which is that these Islamofascists don't care about life. They have no good in their hearts. They want us dead.