Friday, July 01, 2005

Israel Shows The Palestinians How It's Done

Yesterday, the Israel Defense Force raided a Gaza Strip hotel and forcibly removed 150 Jewish extremists who had barricaded themselves inside, in anticipation of the planned Gaza pullout.

According to the Associated Press, the IDF sealed off Gaza entirely during the raid, to prevent other extremists from entering the zone and attempting to aid those in the hotel. Soldiers entered the hotel and went from room to room, removing the squatters by force, and arresting them.

This is quite a show of military force to effect upon one's on citizens. And the move along with anticipated future moves of it's like, are stirring much concern among less radical Israeli citizenry. But, the truth of the matter is, such maneuvers will be required if Israel is ever to separate itself from the terrorists in the Palestinian territories.

And just such maneuvers are exactly what are required of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, if he is serious about shutting down terrorism and "ending the occupation."

The Astute Blogger comments:

When Abbas is willing to take on the Palestinian Arab militias in a similar way he will have earned his followers a state. Until then - there can be and will be no state.

HERE'S ANOTHER ANALOGY: The ALTALENA AFFAIR. (IN SHORT: The New nation of Israel made the unavoidable decision that it had to have only one miltary, and NO militias, NO PARAMILITARIES. The IRGUN militia had to first disarm to be absorbed. When it was discovered that they still were gun-running, the new president of Israel - Ben Gurion - ordered the IDF to destroy the ship - the ALTALENA. Sixteen Irgun fighters were killed. But Israel became a nation.)

Unless and until Abbas - or some other Palestinbian president - has his "Altalena moment" - there will be no state.

I'm not holding my breath. HAMAS and Hizb'allah and Iran and Syria will not stand by and see their neojihadist proxies disarmed. IOW: unless and until we confront Syria and Iran - with military reprisals - they will not cease and desist their support of Palestinian terror.

Then again: This may come sooner than we think. The road the Ramallah goes through Damascus and Tehran. And Assad's intransigence and the new president of Iran may briong things to a head. STAY TUNED!

I agree with the Astute Blogger entirely. And I would add that, if Abbas does not make moves to shut down the terrorism after the Israeli Gaza pullout, then he will have proved that the Palestinian Authority was never interested in "ending the occupation," but instead that all this time, they simply have been intent on ending Israel, just like their charter says.

When the pullout has been completed, Israel should, in my opinion, notify the Palistinian Authority, and the entire world, that they will accept no further attacks.

The day Palestinians launch an attack from behind the wall in Gaza, Israel should accept it as an act of war by one state on another. The IDF should then go into the territories with overwhelming military force and end the Palestinians Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and all the other groups who share the same goal of ending Israel, but who go by different names in order to deny accountability for their actions.

How would Israel put an end to organizations who have been elected by large majorities of common Palestinians and therefore represent the will of the people? By putting an end to the will of the people.

In other words, in such a case, Israel must effect total war, such as the United States enacted on Germany and Japan in WWII. The IDF must defeat the Palestinians with such overwhelming force that they would be broken and willing to sign a peace treaty which would completely remake their aspirations from the ground up.