Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Jews Did It, Part 1,378,491

Yesterday there was a bombing in Egypt which killed 88 people and injured hundreds. Today, we find that Egyptian "security experts" and "political analysts" say the Jews did it:

Several Egyptian "security experts" and "political analysts" interviewed by Arab TV stations in the aftermath of the Sharm e-Sheikh bombings on Saturday claimed that Israel and Jews were behind the carnage.

The accusations that Israel was responsible for the deadly attacks were made despite a claim of responsibility by a group citing ties to Al-Qaida, according to a statement posted on an Islamic Web site.

Similar charges have been made against Israel in the past, particularly after last year's suicide attack at the Taba Hilton Hotel in October 2004 and after the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington.

However, most Egyptian government officials refrained from pointing an accusing finger toward Israel, pointing out that extremist Muslim groups were most likely responsible for the Sharm e-Sheikh attacks.

Shortly after the attacks, Egypt's state-run television interviewed retired army general Fuad Allam. He said that he was almost certain that Israel was behind the attacks at Sharm e-Sheikh and Taba.

According to Fuad, investigations have shown that the mastermind of the Taba attack was a Palestinian "apparently linked to Israel's security forces."

He added: "I'm almost certain that Israel was also behind this attack because they want to undermine our government and deal a severe blow to our economy. The only ones who benefit from these attacks are the Israelis and the Americans."...

Racists say the darndest things.